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    A physical Dummy, Power Usage and MIPI

    You know, you could just color code the plugs......
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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    OMG! New Picodrive! <3
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    Horizontal stripes on screen > display cable?

    Hmmmm, they look purplish/brownish.... I'll see if I can make a picture of it
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    Horizontal stripes on screen > display cable?

    Hi guys, My OpenPandora seems to have developed an issue with it's display, I have intermittant horizontal stripes on the screen. According to the sticky topic there's extended warrenty on these kinds of issue's but little information as to how to actually request a repair. Anyone care to...
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    ... and production still is reliable and moving forward :) (2012-05-11)

    No fruits, but nobody has registered 'Brussels sprouts' yet.
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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    About that mouse mode, couldn't find the left & right mouse button :P
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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    Got mine in today as well, haven't had time to play with it much yet but I noticed that it seems impossible to close windows with the touchpad (can't touch high enough on the screen). Anyone else noticed this before?
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    any official news?

    You don't need to clone him, there are 24 hours in a day, surely he's wasting hours of that day sleeping & eating! So just hook'm up to an IV with nutritions and amphetamines! No more wasting precious time eating, sleeping or even going to the toilet :P
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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    Well, just dropped the money on ED's account, here's to hoping!
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Yea, I hear kids love that one Or Megamaid? Soon!
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Free oranges? No blood? :P
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    Shortest newspost of all times (2012-02-22)

    Don't worry about Murphy, he's staying at my place at the moment.... Bloody bastard.
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    Just a few days... (2012-02-18)

    No manual?! Won't someone think of the idiots?! ;)
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    Easyrpg Port

    How does this actually work? If I'm not misreading the site you need to load the RPG Maker into Easyrpg's editor & save it as it's own format? Are there any .deb files for the editor?
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    Forget Yinlips, there's also JXD S601. Same specs as the Yinlips YDP-G18 except smaller screen. (Assuming the specs are right). JXD S601 Tablet PC - 4.3" Android 2.3 Cortex A9 Gaming Reviews Jxd S601 comes after the very popular JXD S7100. It only has a 4.3" inch screen and looks more like...
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    Hurraay! More gadgets! I really need to get rid of my gadget addiction....
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    JXD S7100

    Well considering it's the same design as the Yinlips that was already known. Well, to me anyway
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    Meet me at the FOSDEM 2012! (2012-01-07)

    I'll probably drop by
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    JXD S7100

    Simple, amlogic already had a port of 2.2 available
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    JXD S7100

    Status is 'delivered' on mine but I mailed them anyway