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    Mifi Dongle

    Mifi is a portable wireless router available from 3 and Vodafone. you stick your sim card in it and it connects to the mobile network. You can then connect upto 5 devices to it wirelessly. So that means you dont need a linux compatible mobile dongle. You just connect to this device via the wifi...
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    Free DOS

    Hi, does anyone know if this will run on pandora? apparently its a fully fdledged windows compatible operating system..
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    google o/s - will it or wont it?

    Inevitable question really. The planned google o/s is said to be initially for netbooks running x86 and ARM archtecture. So do you recon that includes Pandora? I presume that with it being open source, it will be free? Although if it's by Google there will probably be ads.
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    Red Dwarfe

    Ok I'm drunk. And chips will probably close this as soon as he sees it. But Ive just notices that in the Uk on channel Dave (freeview) 9pm on Monday, there are 3 new episodes of |Red Dwarfe! Thats like better than the return of Christ!
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    Web Browser

    Im currenty studying a cisco network course, and a big excuse for buying Pandora is to be able to access the online courses and view them on Pandoras webbrowser whilst on lunch breaks at work etc. Is there any chance of seeing the pandora web browser in action in a blog video, so I can get an...
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    Windows On An Sd Card

    found this article on the web Does anyone know if it would be possible to do the same with Pandora with an older version of windows or xp? Tried searching for a relevant post but couldnt find one...
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    Gps Dongles

    Was sat here studying when I had the idea of gps running on Pandora. Had a look on the web and there is a linux one available at It supports drivers for redhat, but there is a forum here...
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    Release Share dealing

    Hey, does anyone know if you can use a linux share dealing application and a mobile broadband dongle on it? (not that I know how to share deal like, but it would be good to learn, and let Pandora pay for herself)
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    Mobile Broadband

    Hi, Ive seen on the web that 3 mobiles, mobile broadband dongle is compatible with Linux. Does anyone know if this means it will work on the Pandora, if there is a usb convertor cable available?
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    Eye of the beholder, dungeon master, captive etc

    Hi, Does anyone know if these games can be played on the pandora using the stylus and how would they work? Infact, can these games be played at all ? No doubt we would need the respective emulator, but being new to open source consoles, I was wondering how traditional mouse games would work on...