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  1. Tanasinn

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Been playing 『Two Months』through steam. Kinda blew away my expectations and i really dig how the upgrade board works. I am not very far [got past the second boss] as I'm putting together a guide and maps for it later. [sadly the community page on steam has only 3 posts so hopefully once i am...
  2. Tanasinn

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    bit off topic but ive been wondering, where would be a good spot to start discworld?
  3. Tanasinn

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    the config file goes into the config shaped hole... lol no intention of ever doing that. it was a gimmick for whats its worth thus why it never caught on. it was to show how easy it was to add lid detection in regular homebrew despite CFW taking full command.
  4. Tanasinn

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    thats the plan~ I'd like to see something as versatile as MoonReader is [my current go to for reading ebooks]. Something with power user stuff in it would be nice. and tbh the form factor of the pyra adding to the ereader could work to how it was on the DS. You'd hold it like a book. and with...
  5. Tanasinn

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I'll more than likely make a image post of modding the clear cases to work with the final board. I'm not in the pre-preorder group however so that will be a while from now. I don't mind this though, i've been tied up with other things and i have yet to make certain sd card purchases. The...
  6. Tanasinn

    Pyra TWO MONTHS - Now on Steam and!

    I can't wait to speedrun this.
  7. Tanasinn

    Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra?

    Actually yes. The EldritchParty [Formerly The RGB] are porting/remaking a few titles that have just recently [2018] been recovered. The other thing is a semi game as the original plan for the osiris company project was to use a secondary device to handle certain ingame events as well as player...
  8. Tanasinn

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    wasn't april 30th- may 1st. the first day of regular preorders?
  9. Tanasinn

    Just a quick heads up

    got the clear cases in. I was a bit worried as i rarely order things from that end of the planet [only other time was when perplex city was out. now THAT was a card game!] My estimation on the size was off by a little bit. thankfully its not gonna be much of a setback once i finalize my...
  10. Tanasinn

    Just a quick heads up

    hm you have a point. i have other mods in mind that i want to try out.
  11. Tanasinn

    Just a quick heads up

    I believe they might be actually, though for the rubber, it would have to be custom molded. If i can find a way, i'd drop in microswitches
  12. Tanasinn

    Just a quick heads up

    ah ordered back on may 1st. I have quite a bit of waiting to go lol Not that thats a bad thing. I'm looking forward to community posts on the pyra soon. Maybe even more so than getting one myself.
  13. Tanasinn

    SOLD - 1GHZ Pandora, Lots of working spares, screen, batt etc. PRICE DROP

    oof, it seems I missed the train on this one. I should at least try to be more active here Though i do agree with levi here, with pyra being mnore so on the horizon than it was say 8 months ago it'll be rough to sell for 300$+
  14. Tanasinn

    Finalizing the PCBs

    Well yes and no. Yes if it is left in the solution for the right amount of time it'll come out pretty great. No if it is left in for far too long. But by the time the case has been in the solution for that to happen, the acetone used to bind the dye to plastic would have destroyed the case well...
  15. Tanasinn

    Finalizing the PCBs

    This. I really enjoyed the first assembly vid and the case build seems like a walk in the park. As soon as I am able to order the transparent case, I am gonna try my hand at applying dye to it to see how well it can bind. If this goes well, I'll make a separate post on how to go about it. From...
  16. Tanasinn

    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I would be fine with switching over to a 2GB unit. It will ensure that the project still chugs on and the potential of grabbing the eyes of would-be purchasers is a massive plus. My use cases for the pyra aren't as heavy as a few select others might be. I plan on using mine for music, minor...
  17. Tanasinn

    Origin Stories (of your alias/moniker/pseudonym)

    "Don't Think, Feel and you'll be Tanasinn" Its not necessarily a name, but a state of mind. A feeling of the surreal. Something not composed of thoughts [the logical] but of a subcon given a tangible feeling in conscious [ the metaphysical] Interesting meme that grew out of 2ch back when the...
  18. Tanasinn

    Dragon's Lair - August 16 (C4A competition)

    man i wish i had a pandora to try my hand at this. Any change of more tourneys like this when the pyra is out?
  19. Tanasinn

    PGS Windows 10 gaming handheld - GPD WIN competitor

    I am so hype for the massive amounts of disappointment coming up. It would be an amazing start to my weekend. Plenty of Generous Schadenfreude
  20. Tanasinn

    [SOLD] One Pyra Pre-preorder (voucher) at cost

    would it be possible to transfer the credit to another users account? Interested in this [simply to pay off the rest of my current preorder] EDIT: just realized that by doing it this way, despite supporting it, it wouldn't be towards ED. sorry i really need the sleep. This would be really good...