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  1. LTStone

    Ebook reader with page flip

    Hi guys, I have been reading alot of ebooks on the pandora using Moonreader in android but I was wondering if there is an ereader for Pandora that has the "page flip" animation. If not is there one that could be ported? I know its petty but I really like the page flip animation, make me feel...
  2. LTStone

    text adventure recommendtions

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find some absorbing text adventures but hopefully not too hard either.Feel free to discuss your own favorite text adventures and experiences..
  3. LTStone

    cheap projector

    I was thinking of buying this but do you guys think it would actually work half decent?
  4. LTStone

    The Tube app no longer working?

    Has Youtube blocked the tube app on the Pandora?
  5. LTStone

    xarchiver wont start

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use BGS but im having problems as the xarchiver program doesn't work anymore, I tried re installing but still nothing.. thanks
  6. LTStone

    6 button keychain gamepad

    Should this be able to work on the Pandora?
  7. LTStone

    Some netplay results

    So I was playing around with some Pandora to Pandora netplay and here are some results if anyone is interested: Retroarch: Snes - game played well with a delay of 1                   Psx - games worked but stuttered and were slow                   nes - works great                  ...
  8. LTStone

    left shoulder button fix question

    Hi guys, I have repaired my left trigger a couple of times and finally destroyed the original pcb pads onto which the button is soldered to, I was just wondering if anyone knows an alternative trace(s) on the board that I can just solder  small wire(s) to and just solder that to the button?
  9. LTStone

    Arcade games netplay

    For those who don't know yet.... If your a fan of old competetive fighters like Street fighter 2,3, Samurai Shodown , King of fighters or even co-op games like Final fight etc you may want to check GGPO: or Supercade: These sites allow you to play...
  10. LTStone

    updates for Reicast or PPSSPP?

    Hi guys, its been quiet lately, has there not been any updates for the PPSSPP or Reicast emus lately? Be nice to play some Capcomvs Snk2 without glitches or Headhunter without crashes...
  11. LTStone

    Skies of Arcadia - does it work on pandora

    Just wondering if Skies of Arcadia is playable on Riecast ...
  12. LTStone

    Fun flash games for Pandora

    Here we can list some fun quality games that work well on the Pandy,  start, Gibbets 3
  13. LTStone

    power saving in android

    I noticed when I  deactivate power saving wifi with system info after I boot into android and back to xfce the power saving is back to on again, that probly means that it reactivates in Android. Is there a way to make sure it stays deactivated while in android? My tests seem to show I have a...
  14. LTStone

    1ghz vs Rebirth for android games and N64(perfect dark,007)

    Hi guys, I'll be getting my new Pandora soon and was wondering how much of a speed difference will there be when it comes to android games and N64 games like Perfect dark and 007. Oh and my rebirth clocks to 1ghz..
  15. LTStone

    Can't delete extra Pandora from cart

    I only want 1 Pandora from the Dragonbox site but there are 2 in my cart and it won't let me delete 1 of them , Help :)
  16. LTStone

    Where to buy a Pandora

    Ok so I bricked my Pandora and am suffering withdrawals so I'm looking to buy a new 1ghz model. Now I live in Canada and Link doesn't have any in stock yet. Would it be just as safe to order one from the Dragon shop as Link? Is there likely to be any issues with customs? I ordered my Rebirth...
  17. LTStone

    bricked my pandora

    Well, while trying to change a nub and replace my keypad something happened to my rebirth pandy and it will no longer power up and no l.e.d. action either. when I insert the battery I can hear a slight sound if I put my ear to the unit.  I'm ordering a new 1gig unit anyway but was wondering what...
  18. LTStone

    how to remove links web browser

    Hi guys , for parental reasons I'm getting rid of all web browsers except Firefox and was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to get rid of the Links web browser.
  19. LTStone

    Nice retro horror mystery flash adventure

    This flash game works nicely on Pandora Firefox.
  20. LTStone

    Under a killing Moon Dos or Qemu?

    Has anyone got Tex Murphy UAKM to work on the Pandora with dosbox or qemu?