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    What Do You Have On Your Smcs?

    ROMs included. Not telling you whether or not I own all, or any, of these titles. -- SMC #1 -- GP:\SNES - 7th Saga (challenging RPG) - Act Raiser (Sim / Platform) - Brain Lord (Strategy RPG) - Brandish (Real-Time RPG) - Black Thorne (Action Strategy, like Flashback) - Chrono Trigger (RPG) -...
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    Looked For A Modded Ps2

    I'm looking for a used, modded PS2 for playing Japanese and US games. I don't like Ebay.
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    Post The Worst Joke You Know...

    Merged into "Funny Links and Jokes" -
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    Sorry For The Lack Of Nazism.

    I've been without internet for over a week, and before that was in a bit of chaos with moving and other stuff. So I kinda took a forced break from GP32x. Now I return to implant my seeds of evil back into the general populace. All bow before the great might of GeneralNMX!
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    Ps1 On The Gp32? What Could Come Of This?

    From our front page... Well...! Who'd have thought it! There's news from PDAi of a possible (and I say POSSIBLE - we all remember the Amiga emu!), Playstation emulator for the GP32. LDChen from that forum has posted that he has completed a very early alpha of a PSX emu for our beloved little...
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    GP32 Official Gp32 Sdk 2.1.x Api Documentation

    Attached is the official GP32 SDK 2.1.x API documentation. I can't remember where I found this, but it's a good reference - especially since the 1.0 documentation is missing or wrong in some places. If you're wondering what function does what for the official GP32 SDK, look at this.
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    Your Favorite Quotes...

    Mostly full of old jokes and "staged scenarios", some of them are pretty funny. Here's a good one: And this one...
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    GP32 Best Of Amiga Tracker Modules (.mod)

    Since I may not be getting back to my own game project, here are the freely-distributed .mod (Amiga Tracker Modules) music files I was planning to use, along with some additional ones I think sound cool. I didn't make any of these, most come from To my knowledge, they are all...
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    Sites For Geeks And Nerds

    We're all geeks here. Admit it. I recently found this magazine for North America and I like it. Decent prices, lots of cool gizmos and geeky computer stuff. I'm definatly buying the keyboard cover because of my bad dandruff :( Edit: Viziflex, the people that make the...
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    Suggestions For Freeware Administrative Programs

    FreeMeter: Decent reporting tool for CPU Load, Available Memory, HDD Load, and a lot more. Has the ability to scan all your HDD's folders and report their individual filesize - very nice for freeing up space. Takes up roughly 5MB of available memory or less depending on setup. Windows, Freeware...
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    Doom Review On Gp32x

    Find it here:
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    Who Thinks Sam_fisher's Avatar Should Not Change?

    As soon as I started imagining Rico without Neo, now sam goes and changes his avatar. If ANYONE is unworthy of a Matrix avatar it is sam_fisher, in my opinion. sam must only have non-anime cartoon characters.
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    Computer In My Car

    I have a spare mini-tower computer that I don't know what to do with. I'm thinking, well I have more then enough computers in my house, so why not put one in my car? A mini-tower is still a little big, but I'm sure I can shove it in somewhere. I'm thinking I'll need: - Tiny LCD Touch-Screen -...
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    Protecting Your Windows Computer

    For those of us that must maintain Windows computers with Internet Explorer installed, and must use IE on a regular basis, there are still ways to help protect our computers, even if you are not an experienced user. However, just in case you don't know what a virus or spyware is: "A virus is a...
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    Does Anyone See Liksang At The Bottom Of The Site?

    A forum poster gave me this screenshot: Apparently, there is a bar at the bottom where Lik-Sang's home page is being loaded. I don't see it on IE 6.0. Does anyone else see it? I HAVE noticed that when I initially load up GP32x, it loads a lot of...
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    Abuse Of Moderator Power Poll

    Since I was unable to fully abuse my moderator powers in my previous poll, I shall do so here :ph34r: I suggest that you give me this luxury, this once ;)
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    Politics - Who Should Rule The World?

    I've thought about this, and I think we're never going to get to the state of giving power to the United Nations just like that. I think it's more likely we're going to have some mad super-power, like my own USA, try to take over the world. And either they suceed, or the world defends itself...
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    When You Read Comic Books / Strips / Manga...

    Just curious. When I read books, I also do the same thing, but comic books / strips / manga already have pictures. Yet your imagination should naturally enhance the experience.
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    Looking For A Video Card In Singapore...

    I have a friend who wants a new video card for her computer, but she doesn't want to spend too much. Does anyone know of any good, cheap online stores that ship to Singapore?
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    GP32 Give Lethe Some Work...

    Lethe asked for a game to translate from Korean to English, and of course we all want ASR, but we don't know how to get the data out. Now if we can't find someone to grab the text out of ASR, is there any other game that is easier to crack? What about it? Help us o' mighty game-cracking devs...