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  1. Asaggynoodle

    WTB: Pyra

    To the 100 or so that have one, and not finding yourself using it as much as you anticipated? Need some spare change? Would prefer not to wait another year for the preorder queue to be completed. Shipping to USA. Thanks!
  2. Asaggynoodle

    Hardware Somewhere to find 3D Models of Chassis Plastics?

    Howdy, I'm working on making some prototype parts for the Pyra (Cases, among some other things), is there somewhere I can find the actual models to the molds for the plastics? I'd like to have a little confidence that the parts will be accurate to the actual device size before I make more higher...
  3. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora Help Compiling modified up to date Kernel?

    Good day all, I'm curious if anyone has an updated guide that can guide me through the steps of compiling the latest kernel for SZ 1.74? I've read the Wiki page a few dozen times and tried to follow the steps but 90% of the content is WAY out dated, and outrageously confusing. Funny enough...
  4. Asaggynoodle

    WTB: 1Ghz Pandora

    If anyone is looking to get some Cash for the upcoming Pyra Pre-Orders and is looking to sell their old 1Ghz, let me know. I've had many Pandora's but never a 1Ghz Model, so that should be fun while I wait for my Pyra. I don't need any SD cards, or anything else if you're counting that in the...
  5. Asaggynoodle

    Microprocessor Upgrade Modules

    Greetings ED, I was curious as to the plans to keep the device alive after the original sales take place for the Pyra. Now that the CPU module is indeed modular (ZIF Socket?), could we in the future perhaps see upgrade modules to increase the performance as time progresses? Maybe perhaps...
  6. Asaggynoodle

    WTB: $500 For your 1Ghz Pandora.

    I've been waiting for anyone to post anything regarding Pandoras. I shall wait no longer, I am offering $500 to the first person to offer me a 1Ghz model, Clean condition. Shipping is to MN, US. Thanks.
  7. Asaggynoodle

    WTB: 1GHz Pandora. (MN, US)

    Hi all! Been looking for a 1GHz unit for a few weeks now. Only ones on eBay are the classics.. iThic is sold out of everything. Also, Dragon box has none. Basically trying to find anything to hold me over until the pyra.a
  8. Asaggynoodle

    Any Idea on Final Price?

    So I'm selling my portables, you can see them here... (Many have already sold) I'm getting ready to (hopefully) buy some Extremely High End SD...
  9. Asaggynoodle

    Android 4.4/5.0 OOB?

    Hey all, been a while. With the Release of the Pyra just around the corner, I want to ask a simple question I have yet to be exactly asked. Since the Pyra uses the OMAP5 (Basically a Dual core 1.7Ghz A15), would I be able to Run an Android OS right out of the box? I mean I've got pretty...
  10. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora What would you like to see on the Pandora?

    So we all know that the openPandora was made for the community. But what i wanted to know for you people who use this amazing device, what would you like to see in the future? It can have to do with Hardware or software, even the shell (looks). Some things i might like to see: - openPandora...