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  1. Da Dude

    JXD S192

    After 7 months waiting (pre-order got delayed for 5 months) Got this gaming device. Display Material Full HD Retina display Size 7 inches (diagonal) Resolution 1920*1200 323ppi Processor CPU NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core, 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A15 GPU NVIDIA Kepler GPU, 192 CUDA cores Capacity...
  2. Da Dude

    1GHZ Pandora as new condition

    Hello, I had put this one on sale earlier, but decided to keep it. After that I updated the OS, and played some Maniac Mansion on Scum. But thats it. Things changed around here, and i'm too busy to use it. When I have time, I'm playing on my PSVita. The Pandora is 100% working and in as new...
  3. Da Dude

    Pandora support after the Pyra

    Hey, Maybe i'm overconcerned about this, but will there still be support on the Pandora when the Pyra arrives? Or will this be all over. I think about broken nubs or other parts, and software updates? Is there any news in this? THX
  4. Da Dude

    Pandora 1Ghz version made in Germany

    I decided to keep my Pandora. It's a really great machine, and I will regret it, if i sold it. So, you can close this topic
  5. Da Dude

    Post your Pandora pictures here

    Anyone casemodded or tuned the shape of his Unit. Great setup with other hardware, or connected in a Arcade cab. Post your Pandora picture here. I can't, still waiting for mine
  6. Da Dude

    Anyone working on a MMORPG (or port)???

    Hi, Is anyone working on a MMORPG or making a port of a free-2-play mmorpg??? Would be great to have on cool pandora mmorpg Thanx
  7. Da Dude

    GP2X Caanoo or Dingoo

    I'm just wondering what to buy in the time i'm still waiting for my Pandora. Is the Caanoo the next best handheld for the job? or do you guys prefer a dingoo. I have the wiz and the dingoo a320. but both have some bad issues . The Wizz with the touch screen problems and the Dingoo needs to...
  8. Da Dude

    What Happened To

    Hey, Is Pandorapress hacked??? I looked at he site giving me middle east letters and, when checking the source of the page, I've found this site: (site with onfo of middle east countries). Are they hacked, or is the site down and on a middle east server?