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    Gamegadget. Anyone Seen This? Hoax? Blind optimism? Real?
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    How To Save Preferences In Mame4All

    I'm really enjoying Franxis' latest version for Caanoo - I hadn't updated in months. I am wondering though, is there a way to save preferences (screen orientation etc) for individual roms, and a way to save globally (for all roms), like you can in most emulators? I haven't found mention of...
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    Atari St Emulator (Castaway)

    I hope to see this released for Caanoo one day. It's my go-to emulator on PSP, GP32 and GP2X. Portable Stunt Car Racer rocks.
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    A Mame4All Toolbar.

    Has any artsy member created a nice toolbar for Mame4all? That 'arcade' one is starting to grate... ;)
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    Sega Sc3000/sg1000

    I've still got my GP32, and just about the only thing I use it for is to play SC/SG titles on Park-o-Rama, HERE I would LOVE to see support extended to the caanoo. I was hoping to see it on my GP2X but never did. There are a bunch a great little titles for this console, and it's historic, as...
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    Unusually Easy F100 Mk2 Joystick Mod.

    The stick on my F100 Mk2 had always annoyed me, and I was looking at maybe upgrading to an F200 just for the pad. I mainly play Mame, and the lack of response often shows up in 8-way shooters, with the ship getting kind of 'locked up', not wanting to move at all for a second or so. So I...
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    Sg1000/sc3000 Emulation

    I had a Sega SC3000 back in the day, loved it. Park-o-Rama took care of SG/SC emulation on the GP32, but there seems to be no support for the GP2X. Which is a shame, as it's a great wee system that predates the MS and has heaps of nice titles. Anyone have any information on development or is...
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    How To Play Your Gp32 More.

    It's funny, I wasn't spending much time with my trusty GP32. I'd been given a PSP which I'm still enjoying, and there's been quite a few decent emulation packages for the PS2 over the last while, so I've been hitting that hard too. Then, I put it in the bathroom.... Now I'm suddenly one of...
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    Flight Simulators.

    I'm looking for a flight simulator for the GP. I know there were a bunch for the Atari ST (I had most of 'em!) but without a keyboard it'll be a bit tough to play well. So, is anyone aware of one for the Genesis, TG16 or any other platform that is well supported thru GP32 emulation? Not...
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    Uh-oh. What Happened To My Romset?

    My set of 719-odd was working nicely with MameGP32 1.7, now with 1.8 I'm getting 'error reading rom' reports with many many of the roms that were fine previously. Battlezone, Amidar, Asteroids, Beastie Feastie... weird. All my other emulators are fine so it's not a smc issue. It's as if my...
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    Well I went down to Burlingame today for a few hours with a cobber. Played our hearts out, lots of nice cabs on freeplay. Played till our wrists and backs ached and we needed asprin. Put up the top 2 scores on Defender, we used lots of credits on 2 player Gauntlet, I finally got to try a...
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    Console Mame

    I'd like to build a mame cab', but don't have the room. So, if it's possible I'd like to throw a console loaded with Mame under my TV. So I'm wondering what the state of play is with Mame on consoles. I have a PS2 but I understand Mame was purely an experiment on it. How about XBox (surely...
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    Mamegp32 1.4

    Please note all, Franxis has changed some paths (it's all documented), so lets try to keep the 'it won't load my roms' posts to a minimum.
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    Manicminer-type Games.

    I never had a Speccy back in the day (had a ZX81 though!) so I'm making up for it with fZX32. I'm really enjoying Manic Miner (thank god for save states) and am wondering if you Brits out there can give me a few suggestions for similar games to try. Specifically, what I like about MM is that you...
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    Vns Games

    Is there anywhere I can find more of these? I've got Pigeon in the City, and Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Fun, both of 'em. Any more out there? These things are great for killing time.
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    Gyroball This is still on my smc and gets played pretty regularly. I think it's a great wee game and uses the GP's joystick perfectly. It's one of only two stand-alone games on my card, the rest is emulation and that shows how good it is. But it was never completed. 5 levels and no...
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    Someone Had To.

    Don't want to lose it do we? Perhaps the lack of action on this board is an indicator of how stable CaSTaway is. It's tops in my book. My STe setup used to take up a whole table top. Not now.
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    Fishing Games.

    These can be fun if you're a fisherman, I've played a few decent titles on PS1/2. So does anyone have any suggestions for the GP? Preferably megadrive/snes.
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    May I humbly repeat Bob Borakovitz' invitation to all and sundry to visit I'm throwing together the odd old-school mame review and tips (for all the other old buggers out there in GP-land) and it'd be great to get some feedback.
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    Retro Gamer Magazine.

    I'm sure everyone (well, everyone old enough to appreciate it anyway) gets this excellent mag', but does anyone else have problems with distribution? I first found it during a trip to Boston last October. Back here in San Francisco I'm having all kinds of problems finding a shop that stocks it...