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  1. Godmil

    Missing Pulse Lib

    I'm a newb programmer and thought I'd try porting an old simple C++ SDL1.2 game to the pandora. I've imported my code into Codeblocks and I'm compiling with the linking options -lSDL -lSDL_image -lSDL_mixer -lSDL_ttf but I was getting the compile errors:, needed by...
  2. Godmil

    VNC and Java query

    Sorry was stuck on getting Java to run but I've got it now... can someone delete this please?
  3. Godmil

    What GUI library do people recommend.

    I've been learning C++ for nearly a year now, but I've put off using GUIs because I can't decide which library to use.  I don't have a lot of learning time so I don't want to spend ages on something that I later decide was a mistake. I've tried GTK+, and found there were lots of good tutorials...
  4. Godmil

    Should I be using the latest standard?

    I've been learning C++ for the last few months, mostly for making games with SDL, but I also like doing the odd Project Euler puzzle.  I was wondering, while I'm still very new to it and constantly learning new stuff, if I should be making sure I'm following the latest standard (c++11) or would...
  5. Godmil

    Sam & Max: Hit The Road Assistance

    Hi, I've been playing through Sam and Max on the GP2X ScummVM, I'm dying to play through it all cause it supposed to be one of the best PC games ever, also as I've just bought the new Sam and Max games but want to leave them until after I'm done with Hit the Road. However, I cant for the life...
  6. Godmil

    General Emulation Questions

    I have a couple of questions that I've been very curious about for months but been unable to answer. 1. Do emulators improve the performance of the machines they emulate? If a game displayed slowdown on it's original machine, but the GP2X emu has cpu time to spare, would the slowdown be...
  7. Godmil

    News Posts

    I've seen a few people commenting about this, and thought I should draw bigger attention to it... There is typically a complete lack of information about items that appear in News posts. Like the author will say that a new version of the program is out, and a list of the bugs fixed, and that it...
  8. Godmil

    Simple Jumping Code Problem

    Hello, I've only recently started to learn how to code, and I'm totally stuck on something that seems very simple. I've been following the Lazy Foo tutorials and decided to adapt this one to give the moving ball some gravity and get it to jump (in a Manic Miner sort of way - so no directional...
  9. Godmil

    Best Compiler?

    Hello, I've just started learning SDL with the Lazy Foo tutorials, and there is one where it calculates the framerate at which the program is running... it's a very simple program that really isn't doing anything. I was stunned when I ran it the first time and was getting ~37fps on my Athlon...