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  1. gadgetoid

    32blit Retro-inspired Homebrew Handheld with Open-source Firmware

    Long time no see! I appreciate I've not been very involved in the community for... basically forever... and have become a lurker. Life and work caught up with me. I want to swoop back in and share what we've been working on at Pimoroni, though, because I think it'll be very relevant the...
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    PiCade - Raspberry Pi based mini arcade cabinet - finally launched

    We've finally launched the PiCade for general sale! We had a long slog after it being the first UK kickstarter. A lot of this time went into refining the control board and sourcing new LCDs. I figured it's at least somewhat relevant to the Retro Gaming aficionados on this forum. More info on...
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    Release PropellerIDE

    Ahoy! It's been a looong time since I tried packaging anything for the Pandora, but I've compiled and packaged Propeller IDE , which is a SPIN-language IDE for the Parallax Propeller (P8X32A) Micro-controller. The codebase has recently changed hands from the original authors and has been...
  4. gadgetoid

    Original black "First Batch" 256mb/600mhz Pandora for sale

    I am selling my first batch, black Pandora because I have a 1Ghz unit, and the poor black Pandora is sitting in the corner of a drawer, unused and lonely. The case is in fairly good condition apart from a snapped-off piece between the SD card slots and two of the tabs on the battery cover are...
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    Spotify Invites

    Ahoy folks. If you're the opposite side of the pond from me, and are jonsing for a Spotify invite then let me know. I've got 26 unused invitations.
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    James Dyson Awards

    I figured there might possibly be some university level students of product design, industrial design or engineering here... it's hardly a long shot. According to my contact at Dyson, you folks have a week to submit your genius problem solving ideas to the Dyson Awards. You should really give...
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    Poll? I have an utterly terrible sense of humor.
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    Evil GAME UK 3DS "trade in offer"

    Take a moment to read the details of the trade in offer here: Is it just me, or is this a thinly veiled attempt to bilk consumers out of their normal 14-day return rights? They are basically telling you to buy a...
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    It's my birthday. Where's my Pandora? You godless, soul-eating, fun-murderers.

    It all started a year ago today. I received a parcel in the post, it was a standard-sized jiffy bag. The sort that hits my door-mat so frequently and unexpectedly that I thought nothing off it. I tore the bag open, as usual, and found it to be empty. Almost, at least. Inside the jiffy was a...
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    Modaco 10k for Childhood Leukemia

    Some good prizes up for grabs if you donate, but the lofty 10k goal has been somewhat difficult to attain. If you haven't been charitable this year, then now's a good time!
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    WTF!? I know the project isn't officially tied to the "Panda" moniker, but it's been a term of endearment to our elusive (for most of us anyway) handheld for (almost) years. This hits disturbingly close. And as soon as I heard the name I'd thought the OP team had...
  12. gadgetoid

    15% Off Some Handy Pandora Accessories

    I know it's a stretch to make this topical, but I thought you guys would enjoy the 15% off voucher I've managed to secure from Proporta. Details here: Most of their stuff isn't exactly Pandora specific, but I can...
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    Pandora Self Assembly

    Let me begin by quoting CraigIX from the 27th May 2009: Source: I'm sure there are enough of us experienced enough in assembling/hacking/modding gadgets for there to be a small number of...
  14. gadgetoid

    All Your Pandora Are Belong To Us... Or Vectorized Pandora Logo

    I don't know if one exists or not. So I bashed this together. I was unhappy with the VectorMagic results (the glow/shadow edges of the Pandora logo play havoc with it) so I used Fireworks and lots of lovely boolean operations. Need to tighten the N up, but it's otherwise pretty damned close...
  15. gadgetoid

    Tapwave Zodiac 2, Metal Stylus, Us Power Adaptor, Usb Cable

    I think it's time that my Tapwave Zodiac 2, recently liberated from the loft, went to a loving and caring family. I've no idea what the thing is worth these days, so drop me a PM if you're interested. It comes with the original box, CDs if I can possibly find them, metal stylus (but not the...
  16. gadgetoid

    Volunteer Writers Wanted To Cover Gp2x And Pandora

    Ahoy Folks! I've added a GP2X/Pandora channel at Gadgetoid: I have incorporated some conditional code to remove (most, I'm not finished yet) advertising from articles referring to the GP2X/Pandora and want to run this section as a community effort...