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  1. spud42

    Share your projects

    no it goes in the saddle slot . It's not the round discs...
  2. spud42

    Share your projects

    adding a Piezo under saddle pickup to an old Yamaha guitar. replaced the broken nut now all i need to do is the saddle and get some strings.... all up this cost me under $90 AUD ( thats Australian dollars) pickup from ebay. has both a microphone to pick up the sound of the box and a Piezo under...
  3. spud42

    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    beat me to it... many is the hour and day wasted wwaiting for the next zoom level . i remember in the late 80's setting it off going to bed and seeing if it finished by morning... then zooming on somewhere interesting and going to work . marveling at what the image was after i got home.. those...
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

  5. spud42

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    well this turned up in the mail so ive been playing some midi files....
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    in DOS. A and B are usually reserved for floppy disk drives and HDD start at C you can have multiple HDD and even multiple partitions on a HDD with each partition having its own drive letter. so as long as dosbox recognises ü as a drive letter then it should work. its just a mount point and i...
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    What have you bought recently?

    please you have to let us hear how this sounds!!
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    most of the tutorials on youtube are from 2017 era. i had to get an old jessie version to run on the pi zero w . i have the usb audio working, i have a few sound fonts to test. just need a few floppy disks to use in the Roland Sound Brush. also set up a script to run fluid synth at startup and...
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    in a terminal type lsusb that should list all USB devices and your guitar rig interface should show up. you will probably need qjackctl to do the virtual connections from your guitar interface to guitarix. gpsqueeek knows more than i do so best listen to him. im not having luck getting...
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    The Official Pyra Handheld Community Video Thread

    will the iRig adaptor work with a Pyra? i know they dont work on Android ph. the tip ring ring ground layout is different. if it is a USB interface then it should work with GUITARIX . this is a virtual amp/effects software like Guitar Rig on the PC. I use a Behringer USB...
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    this is good...
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    Tea, Earl Gray, Hot , the big tread about your morning drink

    Tea, English Breakfast Tea Twinings. white lite milk and 1 lvl spoon of raw sugar. dont talk to me until i am at least half way
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    Port Requests

    might be interesting..
  14. spud42

    Beta PCSX-ReARMed

    yes it has analog steering by twisting. the two red buttons were also analog for brakes and acceleration... takes a bit of getting used to but after many hundreds of hours on GT2 i got the hang of it. i liken the twist action to turning handelbars on a bike....
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    Beta PCSX-ReARMed

    slightly off topic but this was the controller i used mostly on the PS1... brilliant for GT2 .
  16. spud42

    What have you bought recently?

    a Rasp pi zero w, a 2 port OTG hub with option to power the peripherals via the third micro USB connector, a USB to MIDI cable and a Sabrent USB audio device. project is to make this into a MIDI sound module using fluidsynth and a decent soundfont. wasted a week trying to get sound out of the...
  17. spud42

    Shadow Warrior / Duke 3D

    been playing with fluidsynth on a rasp pi zero w for the last week... do a " sudo apt-get install fluidsynth " should update it. might need a soundfont for it too. but it should come with a default font.
  18. spud42

    Beta PCSX-ReARMed

    well the original PS1 controller only had a dpad and the four buttons.dpad was on the left.
  19. spud42

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    dug my DSi XL and playing CSI- Unsolved. a lot of waving the stylus over the screen and the hardest bit is to present the correct evidence when interviewing a suspect.. not a hard game but it has its twists. also been playing around with Korg DS-10 synthesizer...
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    Commodore 64

    all we had was a bit of 2x4 with a 45 deg table saw cut in it... sits the PCB at a good angle to stuf 20 boards at a time... ahhh the good old days of sniffing lead solder