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  1. grahamr

    Release Bournal - Anyone Want It?

    Hi, I have produced a pnd for the 'bournal' program. I was wondering if anyone is interested in it? It is a little program that allows you to write sort of diary entries and then it encrypts them so noone else can read it (uses Rijndael algorythm - ccrypt). It is a simple program and quite...
  2. grahamr

    I'd Like To Win Hugh Skyes

    I think the story of the pandora is great, but I have seen absolutely nothing about it in mainstream UK media about the pandora. So perhaps this is worth a try? It's Radio 4, so presenting the pandora as a sort of plucky, british, 'garden shed' version of the Nintendo DS (ie something they...
  3. grahamr

    Criag Reverse Proxy

    Hi Guys, Seems craigix still cant access From what he's said it might be a problem with his ISP's inline-proxy. Not much he can do about it if it is... however... is some kind soul was to set up a reverse proxy to on a public server I was thinking he would be able to use...
  4. grahamr Jftp::write: Bad Response

    Hi ive noticed this error message coming up in a red bar on the site. dont know whether it was worth mentioning or not.. but ive only noticed it happening the last day or so. a refresh, and it goes away so its not a big deal.
  5. grahamr

    Forum Counselling

    This forum has a few problems. There is a lot of hostility, and bad feeling. We shout 'troll' too quickly, but to be honest we don't even need a troll, someone just has to make an ambiguous technical statement, and suddenly there is a blood bath with fur flying and everyone jumping in. So.. I...
  6. grahamr

    Gcc Chroot Cross Compiler

    Hi guys, As the pandora release is fast approaching :rolleyes: I am going to set up a chroot cross compile environment for pandoara with gcc (& g++), on x86_64. Its been a year or two since i did this sort of thing (compiled gcc etc), if anyone uses a similar environment, i'd be grateful of...