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  1. BAFelton


    It runs fullscreen but 1fps. I can make a coffee or two before blood launches :)
  2. BAFelton


    Doom Wolf 3d Blood They all run better on the other version.
  3. BAFelton


    Thanks. I tried but it's really slow vs the other windowed version.
  4. BAFelton

    Shadow Warrior / Duke 3D

    Thanks for the port :)
  5. BAFelton

    Dosbox DBPs

    Thanks I'll be waiting then :)
  6. BAFelton

    Dosbox DBPs

    Hi Thanks for the port. How can it open in fullscreen ?
  7. BAFelton

    Pyra Nub Issue

    You know kids, they play without reading the manual :D
  8. BAFelton

    First information for new Pyra owners (FAQ)

    I just put the dbp on the root of the sdcard and it worked. It creates the folders then.
  9. BAFelton

    First information for new Pyra owners (FAQ)

    Sorry if it's already written somewhere, but where do I copy dbps on the SD card ? pyra/apps or something ? Thanks.
  10. BAFelton

    Pyra Nub Issue

    Thanks, the sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade fixed the issue. I thought the problem came from the spring sound.
  11. BAFelton

    Pyra Nub Issue

    Hi, I have this issue with my pyra. The nub makes a strange noise, like a "tic" when i move it. Some ideas ?
  12. BAFelton

    Finalizing the PCBs

    Thanks Can the 'prepreorderers' choose a tranparent case instead of the 'normal' case ?
  13. BAFelton

    News from the meeting at GC

    Ed : You do not have to justify for all the time spent to improve the pyra. People will wait patiently, we're all gentlemen here :) Thanks for the news.
  14. BAFelton

    MAME4ALL 2.7

    Here it is :
  15. BAFelton

    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    Not sure to understand. Those who pre preordered, what do they have to do ? The same as explained above ? Thanks.
  16. BAFelton

    Release Serious Sam: First Encounter

    Great ! Just to be sure it's not the HD version ?
  17. BAFelton

    Coucou Je suis en Normandie dans l'Orne. Je sais qu'il y a des salons sympas dans dans le sud...

    Coucou Je suis en Normandie dans l'Orne. Je sais qu'il y a des salons sympas dans dans le sud est mais ça fait un peu loin pour moi. Monter sur Paris pas de soucis par contre :)
  18. BAFelton

    Release [GP2X] Roswyn & The Dragons

    Try with ginge it might work on the caanoo.
  19. BAFelton

    Best Android handheld atm?

    GPD XD is the best choice atm.
  20. BAFelton

    GP2X F300

    Thanks for this i was looking for them too.