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    got my pandora but.....

    thanks got it working , but need help gngeo i got lots of roms buy non work , is there anther kind of emulator
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    got my pandora but.....

    finally got my pandora ;) soo happy with it but i cant get the nes to work i dont know where to put my roms its called gpfce-gp2x and gneo is not recognising the rooms that put in( is there a spacial set of roms ) other then that every thing is amazing
  3. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    i would like to thank every one for the help spicaly EvilDragon i got my trecking number and every thing look good to go just cant wait to get my hands on the pandora
  4. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    thanks can you please send me the tracking number for dhl And can you refund the other order I can't wait to get my hands on my pandora :D My email is <hidden for your safety-use pm>
  5. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    i dont mind waiting if i have some clearfation on whats going on i am down 800eruo and no cloue whats going on ! as stated all i want is my pandora !!!!!
  6. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    Order Date Total price Payment Status Invoice #000063 07/23/2012 407,67 € PayPal Delivered details #000053 07/21/2012 418,39 € Moneybookers Canceled - details this...
  7. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    it been a week, the problem is that it says delivered. and they didnt even send me the DHL tracking number and just this now they send me any email saying it canceled the first order. thats 800 eruo gone all i want is my pandora !!!!!! 000063 07/23/2012 407,67 €...
  8. S (wheres My pandora !!!!!) [SOLVED]

    i ordered twice, first time it said problem with payment then i ordered the second time, and it say it delivered !, delivered to who i didn’t get anything then the first order paymeant went throw and still under process. all i want is my Pandora one or both just send them!!!!! i send...