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    Will the pyra be great for portable DOS gaming?

    I wish I have had had an IBM DOS PC for gaming back in the days as there were lots of great dos games but it was too expensive and complicated to set up. I would now love to play dos games on a portable device and pyra looks ideal. I know nothing about dos games and presumably we will be getting...
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    Is pyra good choice for classic computer gaming ?

    I want to go through the entire history of gaming on as many 8-bit to 16-bit computers on a powerful portable computer handheld using emulation and the pyra looks like just what the doctor ordered. I never had a pandora so am very excited by this device. I want to see how games played, compared...
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    Pc88 Emu For Gp2X?

    Is there an emu for the Japanese computer PC88 available? I know there is a PC98 emu for GP2X which is supposed to be pretty good
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    Where Is Wiz Support?

    Wiz support seems completely dead now :( It's a great little machine, better built than dingoo A320 for which the support is still going. Any devs still working on any emu's or games?
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    Wiz Problem. Please Help

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    Where Can I Get Reesy's Emus?

    I want Reesy's emulators for the native Dingoo firmware, PocketSNES ports v1, v1.1, v1.2, v2, v2.1 and ports of smsplus. Reesy's website is down can anyone provide another link?
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    Emulation Of 8Bit Computers On Dingoo A320

    I am seriously considering buying a dingoo because it has a better port of VICE than either the Wiz or Caanoo and the C64 is my favourite 8 bit computer but what is emulation like of other 8 bit computers Amstrad CPC,Atari 800/XL,Spectrum,MSX etc as compard to the Wiz? I know that newer Dingoo...
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    Is It The End?

    I love and still use my GP2X and intend to do so for as long as it lasts. The release of Wiz, Cannoo and Pandora have pulled devs away from the GP2X, and there is hardly anything released anymore. I know that Exophase is working on Temper but are there any other Devs still working on emu's...
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    Want Old Gp2X Mame Emulators

    I want the old GP2X Mame emus (GP2Xmame not mame4All) versions 3.9 to 4.3 but can't find them. Does anyone know where I can get them?
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    Pandora "console" Version

    There are some members who have been put off the Pandora because of the keyboard and its umpc/pda features. They just want a regular handheld gaming console not a pocket computer. Would the OP team consider doing a console version of the Pandora with the same (or improved) specs, no keyboard...
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    Emulation Of 8 Bit Computers

    With the power of Pandora and its 3d capabilities a lot of people want N64,psx and dreamcast emulation but what about those of us who just want full speed emulation of all 8 bit computers? The only reason I want one is that I'm hoping that we will get perfect emulation of C64, MSX, Amstrad CPC...
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    Craigix, Free Units To Devs?

    Just something Exophase mentioned in another thread that some devs didn't preorder from the first batch because they thought they would be getting free units. Craigix will top devs be getting free units from the first batch? I think they should do because of all they have done for the community...
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    Quality Control Testing

    Now that the Pandora is nearing release, who will actually be testing the hardware, D-pad , buttons, touchscreen etc and how will the testing be done to make sure it's the best gaming handheld it could possibly be, also what will be the timescales on testing? the last thing we would want after...
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    Paying By Google Checkout

    Just a quick question regarding paying for the Pandora using Google checkout. If we pay using our credit cards and the Pandora project fails or things go wrong and we never get the pandora or it is damaged etc. are we still protected and can get and our money back?
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    Gp2x Screen And Dust

    I have a mk 1 F100 GP2X and finding that bits of very small fine hair like dust etc. are getting in behind the screen. It's noticeable when the unit is off. Does the dust get in behind the top and bottom edges, as I see a very narrow gap after the black borders where the screen joins unit? Is...
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    Vice For Wiz

    No doubt some one will port Vice to Wiz. The GP2X version of vice suffered form pausing/skipping issues and out of sync sound in some games using real sid even when overclocked to 250Mhz. With the beefier processor and better hardware, can these problems be sorted out on the Wiz? Fullspeed and...
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    Order Question For Spare First Batch Units

    I signed up for a preorder unit and recieved the email but didn't order. I now want one from the spare first batch units but says I've already signed up. Will I still get an email when the spare units are available? How will the team know i didn't originally preorder a unit so...
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    Gp2x Screen Issue

    When using my gp2x F100 MK1 unit, I see wavy lines running diagonally across the screen. It doesn't affect the gameplay when using emulators but is very noticeable on option and menu screens. What can be the problem? Is this normal on F100 mark 1 units? I'm using firmware 2.1.2.
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    Caprice2x Overclock Help

    I want to use the Amstrad CPC emu, Caprice2x. How do I overclock in the latest WIP7 version? In the menu it says Gp2x fake 200Mhz, but it doesn't overclock. Anyone whose used this emu help? What does the "fake" mean?
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    Problem Of Puttung Mk2 Cap On Mk 1 Gp2x

    I have some mk2 joystick caps and want to replace them with craig's cap which came with my GP2X mk 1 F100 unit, however it is difficult to put the mk 2 cap on. The hole is circular and not the shape of the stick and also smaller so the cap doesn't go all the way down and gets stuck. I am afraid...