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    How open is the Pyra?

    Hardware and software? E.g. are there any binary blobs, closed components, etc.?
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    NM stopped asking for keyring password and stopped saving ap passwords

    Hi all I think what I put in the topic pretty much covers it EDIT: deleted ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring and default.keyring, did not work EDIT #2: Can't change topic so I'll just clarify that I meant network manager when I wrote "NM" LAST EDIT: Solved it by reinstalling gnome-keyring in opkg
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    Help - Kernel crash after resume - Wireless?

    uname -a Linux reborn 3.2.58 #986 Sat May 3 02:28:34 EEST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux   Wireless seems to be causing kernel crash after suspend resume...?   Am I the only one experiencing this?   Any ideas of what it could be?   In the meantime I suppose I could turn wifi off before...
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    SNES emu woes

    I use Snes9X, pandora running openbox wm I very much like the Ctrl+Directional mappings (switch between running apps/desktops). This, however, becomes a problem when playing a game which demands Shoulder Button + Dpad action now and then. I hate the idea of constantly editing rc.xml. Is there...
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    Booting from partition which isn't the 1st and/or in left sd slot

    I think this should be a feature in the R-Shoulder boot menu. Also, is there some in depth page explaining autoboot.txt's intricacies? ...and lastly :) I remember there being a program for openmoko phones which allowed the user to place an "once only" boot request from a choice of installed...
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    Hebrew in terminal

    Still not 100% sure on how to do this As far as locale, en_us_utf8 is my main choice As far as which terminal app, not sure which one supports non-Latin chars And lastly, RTL -> bidiv works well under debian chroot :) Thoughts?
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    Trying to build 13b1:002f Linksys AE1000 driver (usb)

    Hello fellow blistered thumbers :) Can't seem to get this dongle to work using link's instructions: Step 10 ("make && sudo make install") gives me "make: *** /lib/modules/3.2.58/build: No such file or directory.  Stop." I'd like to start...
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    Switching between charger w/out battery and battery w/out charger

    Theoretically, will this be possible without shutting down first?
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    LED Notification option

    I brought this up on I think it would be nice to have the option to configure LED notification for new emails/IM/dcc/whathaveyou in programs like pidgin, claws-mail etc. Thoughts?
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    Error after 'opkg update;opkg upgrade -V 2'

    pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: 2 matching pkgs for apkg=pandora-lib pnd-pndnotifyd: pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: pandora-libpnd-pndnotifyd 1.0 armv7a pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: pandora-libpnd-pndnotifyd 1.0 armv7a opkg_upgrade_pkg: Package...
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    Display not turning off after coming out of suspend (1ghz)

    Is this common? I was under the assumption that the display turns off after X idle sec./min. In detail: Listening to audio file, call for suspend mode using the power switch, then wake the device using only power switch again (keeping lid closed at all times). Screen then seems to still be lit...
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    ROAD HandyPC S101/S101K

    Hey all After my near-perfect experience with the Nokia N900, I found myself endlessly searching for a clamshell linux phone. Why near-perfect? I found it extremely annoying not being able to control Maemo's UI using only the physical keyboard. That and I dropped it once, slightly cracking the...
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    SanDisk Extreme SDXC 128GB Has anyone tried this ^ with their pandora? It's slightly cheaper than the Lexar 128GB model
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    DOA estimation website

    Just a crazy idea, please tell me what you think of it A website designed specifically to estimate the date of arrival of a user's pandora, based on: order date/queue no., shipping address, production rate, hardware issues (nubs, wifi, etc.), repairs/premiums which are higher up in priority...
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    Wishlist for Pandora

    Ready.... set.......................... GO! My personal wishlist, and In NO particular order: 1) FM Transmitter 2) More RAM (not the first person to mention this, I'm sure) 3) Non-US character stickers for keyboard keys / option to order Pandora with keys already marked with language of...
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    Pandora on ac alone

    I understand that some of the previously built pandoras could not run on ac power alone Is this something which might pop up in remaining Batch 1 / Batch 2 devices?
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    Charging battery without full boot

    Is anyone working on this or planning to? Or is this unnecessary (e.g. pandora runs on ac while battery is being charged)?