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  1. Bosbeetle

    What software are you using on your pyra.

    The debian repo is quite big and full of little or big gems, but sometimes you have no clue what you are looking for or you just dont know of the existence of a certain piece of software. So how about a thread to tell what you've installed on your pyra. Lets keep this thread simple. What...
  2. Bosbeetle

    Pandora boots into tty1 how to proceed?

    I had this before, then I coudlnt log in because i cold not type my password cause it contained a '!'. So I reflashed and that worked. But now again it started to boot into tty1, there are some messages that some libraries cannot be found. It asks for a login, but it doesnt login with my...
  3. Bosbeetle

    Quantum Supremacy achieved by Google

    So yesterday google claimed quantum supremacy. There are two nice artikles about it in this weeks nature So if I am correct they made a chip with 53 interconnected qbits (6x9 one failed) and...
  4. Bosbeetle

    Help needed by pyra team

    Just read this, I was wondering what we could do... I am not a low level programming person, but there might be small things that could help, tidbits of testing, or maybe even reading some code (without completly getting everything but sometimes things might just seem wrong and can be discussed...
  5. Bosbeetle

    It's time for the pyra

    I just hit a big milestone, i've finished all the battle for wesnoth campaigns on medium setting, on my pandora, while commuting on the train. I took me about 6 years but I finally did it :D So bring on the pyra!!
  6. Bosbeetle

    Audio in/out

    I saw that there are pure data packages on the armhf repo of debian, so it is likely that pure data works. Which is great so that started me thinking on the Pyra audio ports. On the Pandora we had the great line in and line out on the tv out cable but that is missing from the pyra. We have...
  7. Bosbeetle

    Made an algorithm for a simple flock simulation on my pandora

    Ive made a simple flocking algorithm on my pandora, very much childsplay since I cannot code. But I thought it would be nice to share it. Here are two youtube clips, the final algorithm was not run on the pandora but on a desktop, 800 dots was a bit much to emulate on the pandora (like I said I...
  8. Bosbeetle

    Pandora's 5th birthday

    We all missed pandora's fifth birthday, somewhere may/june 2010 the first commercial pandora appeard :)
  9. Bosbeetle

    Irratic charge behaviour

    My 1GHz pandora often charges up to 42% and then starts to discharge again. Once in a while It'll be on 42% and then I leave it in suspend for while and when I get it out it's on 80 something %. This value is given in both the pandora system info program as on the indicator in the status area...
  10. Bosbeetle

    Can somebody help me with the linux directory mess?

    So reading linux for dummies (yeah I know) I see some nice conventions that are part of the linux way of thinking. Such as there are the directories for specific purposes like  home bin  sbin dev (etc ;) )  But can anybody give me a clear map of what's the deal nowadays, I recently...
  11. Bosbeetle

    RIP Ralph Bear (creator of the first game console) The inventor of the magnavox game console died today. I guess "we" are standing on the shoulders of this giant.
  12. Bosbeetle

    Is evildragon who we think he is ;)

    So this freethinking evildragon from ingolstadt, is he trying to take over the world with his device that preaches equality, enlightenment and openness!  <_<   ;)  
  13. Bosbeetle

    Can somebody think of a nice task for the keyboard guys :D

    Apparently they to much time on their hands, maybe there are some nice articles for the wiki to be typed, some coding to do, some advertisements to be made.... :P (maybe its just me but these layout discussions seem like an endless semi-pointless debate that will only be settled when ED...
  14. Bosbeetle

    Sierra resurection with the current attention to the adventure game genre it looks like another dinosaur has been ressurected :D not sure if this is good news though (I hope it wont be another big remake fest)
  15. Bosbeetle

    Fun Stuff by IBM I really like these new concepts in computer chip architecture, but you guys are the experts here what do you think about these innovations.
  16. Bosbeetle

    Tilted Chip t-shirt design

    <Split from "A bunch of pictures" - Binky> so how about a tshirt :D
  17. Bosbeetle

    Source of MS-DOS 1 released :D so how about a port for the pandora :P
  18. Bosbeetle

    Left shoulder button problems

    I've had an accident a while back (there is a thread about it on the forums somewhere) I mentioned then that my jack plug was defect, I soldered it back on and it still works like a charm. However the left nub also got a smash, but it was still working.... Until today, I checked and it fell of...
  19. Bosbeetle

    tv out video issues

    I have some issues with the TV-out It works very nicely however when I want to display a movie I play with panplayer it stops displaying it (audio does work) coulld it be that this is not supported but the bigger problem is that even when I disable the TV-out the movies don't display on the...
  20. Bosbeetle

    The pandora2 spam forum makes me excited

    Hello EvilDragon, The fuzz created by your threads in the pandora2-spam forum rekindles the spirit in me that I felt when I first visited the gp32x forum (and was about to order my pandora). Now for my question when you are going through the motions of developing this new machine, do you plan...