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  1. skeezix

    GP32 .. almost 20 years old now? yikes!

    I was going to post .. GP32? GP2x? Wiz? Caanoo? which to use in 2020? (OKay, I know most would just say Pandora but each has their place .. the GP32 boobies will never be forgotten, and the tiny pocketebility of the Wiz, the sleak Caanoo with the annoying analog, the GP2x with the DaveC modded...
  2. skeezix

    Good dumb mobile retro-gaming console? What do you use now?

    As an exercise, lets keep Pandora and Pyra off the table*; if you just want to have an easily pocketable (ie: small), and relatively inexpensive (ie: okay to carry around in a pocket all the time, or to a beach, or tossed into your backpack, etc) mobile console for retro gaming.. whats hot these...
  3. skeezix

    Pandora on the eevblog?!

    Well holy crap, Christmas for the Pandora :) Dave of the eevblog got a Pandora in the mailbag! Rebirth edition :) jeff edit: Look at 32mins in
  4. skeezix

    gp32x status?

    This is probably a simple answer for someone with a better memory than I.. Years ago (search says around 2008) gp32x went down and hando wasn't around, but I recall we had a big kerfuffle and it was preserved? or moved the content to (now here)? or did we import it all in one of the...
  5. skeezix

    AY-3-8910 music files? Anyone know where to find?

    hey guys, anyone know of a good AY-3-8910 music chiptunes archive? ZX Spectrum, hundreds of arcade machines, dozens of home consoles and computers used the chip; most of my expertise is in Atari ST which uses the YM2149 (which is an AY-3-8910, but with some changes.) The YM archives tend to be...
  6. skeezix

    Still use your gp32? Gp2x? Wiz? Caanop? (Zodiac...)

    hey guys, been awhile ;) Suddenly fealing the urge for old Blacks gpengine tg16 emu on gp32, or hit up mame4all on the wiz (small but bright screen!) Its Good Friday; i'm heading out to be surrounded by a mob of little kids and thought.. Damnit, I need to take Wiz or Caanoo! They're...
  7. skeezix

    Will you have Pyra wifi 'always on'?

    Merry Christmas my friends :) I'm just debating the feature-set for some of my possible upcoming applications (such as C4A integration for both Pandora and Pyra), and I thought a poll might be useful to myself and others. I would imagine 99% of modern...
  8. skeezix

    c4a - now with highest-best and lowest-best support - feel free to test, and devs need to clarify th

    This is a small change, but since the existing c4a server codebase is such junk, it took longer than I'd hoped ;) (I'm currently working on the design and features for the new server, and hope to begin work on it relatively soon. I'll open up threads for discussing features, protocols, etc...
  9. skeezix

    Anyone able to help with faking up a bogus prototype render? :)

    Hey everybody! As at least a couple people here know I'm working on a retro-styled low end console/computer from scratch, as an excuse to learn some digital electronics and get a feel for why things were done the way they were. The design I'm making has some odd rules I've self imposed, so its...
  10. skeezix

    Whats fair sale value for this Turbo Express (Turbo Grafx mobile) collection?

    I'm thinking of selling this rare beast; the Turbo Grafx had the best ports of many games (non-sucky R-type!), compared to most machines in its day. So I've kept this stuff a long time, but I really don't use it. The Turbo Express is pretty rare and valuable.. on ebay it often goes for...
  11. skeezix

    Pandora.. the BBS simulator/environment?

    OKay, here's another completely bizarre idea of mine. (hey, some of them pan out like C4A ;) I built a mini-Atari ST emulator a billion years ago, to run my old BBS inside of; it occurred to me a sick thing to do would be to customize it to be a Pandora oriented BBS. Now, not many would...
  12. skeezix

    How do you store your old gadgets/consoles?

    I've been a huge retro collector for a long long time and have a huge pile of classic stuff; Recently I've given away and sold off quite a bit of stuff but I still have a remarkable pile of awesome old gear. (Arcade stuff is especially space consuming, but old computers like Atari 8bit machines...
  13. skeezix

    Faster syncing compo4all-mame pnd beta .. please check it ASAP and report!

    I'd like to update the main repo with this new build, but please give it a hit first! Let me know if it works, or if it doesn't work. (People always forget to report when things work, which is just as important as when they don't work ;) If I can get a couple 'this works', I'll promote it to...
  14. skeezix

    Picking up a Killer Instinct upright tomorrow..

    Woowoo! That is all :) Getting rid of my beloved Omega Race to a needy friend (he just got dumped, needs a pickmeup :0), and picking up the KI... Been looking for years for one of these badasses in good shape. (Naturally I'll have switchable boards so can run Ms Pac in there too etc)...
  15. skeezix

    Can free-to-play *ever* be good?

    As a hard ore (without free time anymore..) gamer I've just ignored any game which claims f2p; it just means they're going to monetize by corruption .. Breaking immersion by begging from you, breaking the game by making it pay2win, or some other ghastly flaw. But is it theoretically possible...
  16. skeezix

    Email notification when your score is beaten? Unique profile names/initials?

    The email-notifications thing is something I dreamt up day-zero, but then never got aroung to adding, as I figured it would be spammy and annoying; ie: you can always check the website to see the scores :) But I could see some hyper-competitive folks wanting an email.. That said, is...
  17. skeezix

    C4A Manager now on repo.. beta, please test it :) (Create your C4A Profile without using c4a-mame no

    I've just uploaded this to the repo: Its a slimmed down version of the existing c4a-mame launcher - it handles C4A Profiles (and in the future, more stuff), but doesn't do any game launching or the like. Please give it a...
  18. skeezix

    Ontario major power otage .. C4a server may be down

    That is all :)
  19. skeezix

    Thoughts on Abandonware? (C4A)

    Now, I tend to walk the straight and narrow; I rip my own roms from my extensive arcade collection, since I'm a masochist :) (and since I also use to license out an arcade emu, I had to make extra sure I was fully legit, not give anyone any openings to pry open my rear end :o ) Anyway, when...
  20. skeezix

    Anyone want to be Master of the Games? Just an idea..

    Given I'm stupidly busy, I'd like to keep my time thats for this project perhaps in the growth, the code, etc, but less in the administrivia. (I'm in a call right now and typing in background, so permit me to be scatterebrained like normal ;) Ultimately I could move the server to EDs box, but...