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    Caanoo... Lost Caanoo?

    Some days ago I did with a micro sd of 4gb a.. downgrade of my caanoo from 1.6.1 to 1.0.6.. I really don't know why but I used to do it some time ago and It goes well without problems.. Well that time it goes very bad. Maybe I pressed too long R button when it ask me to update.. the fact is...
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    thanks to lunixbochs, here the sources of the his pandora version for this amazing game; well, is possible to port it to the caanoo? it was written in GL i think, so it is supported for the caanoo why don't try to port? thanks :)
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    An Idea....

    hi guys, do you know the features in win 7 where you can use a usb pen drive as a banc of ram memory? for example a 4 gb pendrve can be 3.5 gb of addictional ram for your system.. this Improve a lot the performance of the pc. so, a utility like this for caanoo is possible? in poor word, the app...
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    Need Help With Pcsx4All

    so, i try with the latest version of PCSX4ALL to run Ape escape... but it say that it need the dualshock controller... any help? homewer, the game run fantastic quickly :)
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    hi, someone can port this to the caanoo? PsPoste, is a client email for the psp, where via wifi you can view your email from different email client... will be fantastic on CAANOO! :D here a video THE SOURCES :)...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Minitube On Caanoo

    Is it possible to port Minitube on the caanoo?? the sources ;)
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    Defenderx For Caanoo

    this is my third port for caanoo ;) DefenderX,0,0,0,27,729
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    Solitarie For Caanoo

    Hi, try new version of the solitarie ;),0,0,0,25,728 in september i will gain the source code, so i can add new feature at this game ;)
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    Snailrace For Caanoo

    Today i ported this nice game to the caanoo. ;),0,0,0,25,727
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    Caanoo / WIZ Megaram For Caanoo

    hi at all, today I see that news for the dingoo linux(DINGUX)... now,think up... this app can increase the RAM of the system to 512 MB, and it can make the dingoo(who has 32 mb of RAM) a very powerful device for emulation.... i think about it and i ask you if this can be ported or maked on the...
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    [Wiz/caanoo] Textbinaryclock 1.0

    Gigios of has just released this new simple app code in Bennu GD. here the downloads wiz,0,0,0,8,545 caanoo,0,0,0,8,711
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo And 3G

    hi, i'm thinking for a key to connect the caanoo to the 3g line, for navigate in internet i think; well, i know of the most necessary thing is the software, so it can be possible? :)
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    New Game On Fungp

    I saw this running on FUNGP notification of GPH: ;) What do you think? PS: anyone knows how to how to obtain the G POINT FUNGP up to buy?
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    Caanoo / WIZ Google Chrome For Caanoo

    Hello, I was thinking that Chrome is open source and could be ported on Caanoo .. :rolleyes: . is it possible? I saw that is already available for the Pandora... no one could do a port? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Thanxs
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    New Version Of Qt Browser

    it's planned? someone is working on? the actualy qt web browser is too limited in site like facebook and hotmail; it need a update :o
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    How Make A Porting

    Hello everyone, I am very happy to be joined in this wonderful forum: I have some questions on how to make a port of some games first of all, how do you? must be installed on the PC toolchains? how it works? thanks to those who will answer me =)