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  1. edgex004

    Release QGit

    Hi all, Last night I decided to put the version of QGit on the repo that I have been using for the last year or so. I liked having it for personal use, but it always had a couple of annoying bugs, so I therefore never published it. @directive0 mentioned on the Telegram channel that he was...
  2. edgex004

    Hardware All Banged Up

    My Pandora has had a few parts start to fail recently (left nub gone and PTOD), but I've been putting off fixing everything. However, I can't put it off much longer, as I just gave it a very nasty drop the other day and cracked the touchscreen. The LCD seems okay, but now I have a couple of...
  3. edgex004

    Hardware Muted audio

    I have a bit of a weird issue. My Pandora's speakers stopped working a little while ago, but the headphone jack continued to work. Then the speakers randomly worked for a day, and then stopped again. Then the headphone jack stopped working as well. As it turns out, they both still work, but...
  4. edgex004

    Release ZeroBrane Studio

    Yesterday I finished packaging ZeroBrane Studio into a PND. Testing would be appreciated if this interests anyone. It reminds me a lot of Geany, which has always been my favorite IDE for working on the Pandora. The thing that I wanted to accomplish with ZeroBrane was to set up an IDE on the...
  5. edgex004

    Software Synfig Studio GTK errors

    Hi there, does anyone have insight on some of the errors I'm seeing when I run the Synfig Studio PND? I know @eyecreate might be the best person to ask. Currently, the PND starts and the window opens, but then crashes immediately after loading.
  6. edgex004

    Pandora + Pebble = Music Control (and hopefully more)

    So I'll probably put something on the repo sooner or later, but for now I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else cares about this. Are there any Pandora owners who are also vaguely interested in smartwatches? I just completed a long time goal of mine, which was getting the Pandora to...
  7. edgex004

    Compiling Recent USB_ModeSwitch

    I am attempting to compile the most recent USB_ModeSwitch, but am coming accross a few issues. According to the USB Compatibility List on the wiki, back in January, a user named Honselio successfully compiled the version from ( I was hoping to get...
  8. edgex004

    Need some help with pre and post scripts.

    I have been working for a while to get a pre and post script working that will shutdown QJoyPad as I start the PND, and then turn it back on as I quit, but only if it was running in the first place. This is what I have written: #!/bin/bash if [ ! "$EXENAME" =...
  9. edgex004

    USB/Bluetooth Controller Compatibility

    So I finally quit playing Flying Snake long enough to perform the Wiki update I've been meaning to do for the last year. I added information to the controllers section of the wiki on using OUYA controllers and GC-to-USB adapters, as those are the controllers that I use. Since the TV-Edition...
  10. edgex004


    I have enjoyed using the Tomahawk Player a whole lot, and thought I would start a thread to discuss it. At the moment I have been able to play local content as well as content streamed from Soundcloud. I can search Google Music and return results, but the songs won't begin playing after a song...
  11. edgex004

    Preorder Donation Funds

    Hi Everyone, I know the developer fund didn't seem to work out all too well for the Pandora. That money did just seem to evaporate. At least I don't think it was made clear the developers who received free units and ended up contributing or what else the money was spent on (A WiFi driver was...
  12. edgex004

    NAND Done Full Up

    Hi everyone, This is probably a dumb question, but I just performed a full reflash, and I thought this would overwrite my NAND. However, after checking Pandora System Info, it shows 322M/477M in use. Does this seem right? Is this used up space left over from my previous install? Thanks in advance!
  13. edgex004

    Review on Engadget

    I know I haven't been able to contribute much in the way of software (yet). So when the good-not-great Engadget reviews for the OP came up during some OP related google searches, I thought I could try and explain to some outside of our community why many of us love it so much. Here you go...
  14. edgex004


    I finally got up the gumption to go donate today, and the donate box seems to be gone. Hopefully that just means we hit another goal? In regards to the donations, once the final Pandora is sold/donated, would it be possible to redirect the donations towards either giving refunds or giving an...
  15. edgex004

    Sound cutting out

    Hey all. I'm not sure if this is a problem with just my unit or if this is a universal issue, but here goes: Sound output through internal speakers can be turned up to max and function normally, but sound through the headphone jack cuts out if song's volume goes too high. For example: 1...
  16. edgex004

    Has Anybody Tried Compiling R Yet?

    The R Project I'm assuming some people already know about R, but I haven't seen a topic on it yet and it's tough searching the forum for one letter. :) I know we already have a TI92 emulater (thanks, ZX81), but I was going to start playing around with R and would find it really convenient if...
  17. edgex004

    About The Usb

    So I was wandering if a gamepad could be plugged into the USB of the Pandora. Since the USB is is powered it should be feasable with the right drivers, correct? I'd definately buy one if I was able to plug in an extra pad and play some two player SNES!