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  1. edgex004

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    I'd take 2!
  2. edgex004

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    Don't Starve on Pyra would be awesome! It is a game I want to play, but would rather play in bed on a handheld rather than on my desktop.
  3. edgex004

    Pyra pyra-builder: Docker based toolchain for pyra

    Awesome! I will definitely try this out.
  4. edgex004

    Preparing for a Prototype

    Well... if you (@Grench ) or any other prototype orderers run out of stuff to try, here is my wish-list: - Once some mouse-free games are working, trying HDMI out with Bluetooth or USB controllers. - Chat clients like telegram or slack. Wee-slack is a great cli slack option. - i3wm !!! - IDEs...
  5. edgex004

    Preparing for a Prototype

    I second the recommendation to set up the serial console. I’m not sure how common this is, but sometimes the serial console is the only way to break into u-boot.
  6. edgex004

    Preparing for a Prototype

    @Grench Using /dev/zero as the source for dd will fill the ouput target with zeros. Syntax should be ‘if=/dev/zero’.
  7. edgex004

    Preparing for a Prototype

    Nice investigation/debugging @Grench ! I had some nasty storage media bugs on one of my recent x86 installs and identifying the file system as the problem took a good while. Too bad that you might need to avoid using the eMMC for now, but maybe it is good that it is encouraging you to attempt...
  8. edgex004

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    Yeah that isn’t cheap, unfortunately!! I wonder if we can find 250 interested people to bring the cost below $100 each.
  9. edgex004

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    @EvilDragon Is there a possibility of crowd-funding an order of LCD cables? My Pandora suffers from the same issue. Having a couple backup cables would give my Pandora a few extra years of useful life.
  10. edgex004

    Release GearBoy

    Tear free GBC sounds great. I think gnuboy has always had some fairly noticeable tearing. I sort of finished my long running GB/GBC game (Dragon Warrior Monsters), but I’ll see if I can use my save file with this port!
  11. edgex004

    Preparing for a Prototype

    I am F5’ing the boards so hard right now. Seeing other people receiving their Pyras has me way more excited than it probably should.
  12. edgex004

    Information about OS / Kernel / Prototypes

    A fairly common use case for me is playing music over my BT speakers around the apartment while I browse the web or read or work. All other audio is routed to my speakers/headset/headphones. When I browse to a video or get a notification, that goes through speakers/headphones/headset and doesn’t...
  13. edgex004

    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Thanks! I might need to try Into the Breach and see if box86 allows it to run on Pandora.
  14. edgex004

    Share your DESKTOP!

    @docbroke I'll try that, thanks! @levi : Not sure the validity of the photo, but cyclocross is my favorite bicycle discipline.
  15. edgex004

    Share your DESKTOP!

    I switched from Manjaro to Arch last week. Definitely my favorite workstation so far. I still need to fix up some of my i3blocks scripts and symlink my config files to my git repo so it is easy to reproduce elsewhere.
  16. edgex004

    Port Requests

    Voloren looks interesing. Looks like it requires an up to date rust compiler. I'm trying to figure out if it requires desktop GL, but I don't see evidence either way yet. EDIT: Okay it looks like it uses gfx_device_gl , so GLES support might now...
  17. edgex004

    Contributing to PyraOS

    @hns Not sure if this will help, but this is one of the only things I found where someone was having trouble with PVRSRV identifying the display: It is a bit of a different scenario, because in this case there was some...
  18. edgex004

    Port Request: Gpodder

    This uses python from wxpython, I think. So make sure you have the wxpython PND installed. It isn't perfect, but I believe it still works.
  19. edgex004

    Port Request: Gpodder

    I should have a working PND. I modified the existing gPodder PND to use python from CodeBlocks and that seemed to work. I’ll try to grab it off my SD for you over the weekend. Edit: I would try to release a newer version but my Pandora stopped charging. I might need to grab a new barrel charger.
  20. edgex004

    FNA Games on ARM board (i.e. play FEZ, Stardew Valley, Bastion... on Odroid/OrangePI/RPi)

    So excited for these to be fully playable on Pyra!