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    Software arrays with LibreOffice/gnumeric

    Hello, I am doing some functions with arrays. For working correctly you have to use shift-ctrl-enter when entering/changing the function. Here comes the problem. LibreOffice often crashes when changing/ copying this functions so this is no fun. With gnumeric I can use the .xls from LibreOffice...
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    Software jpeg batch conversion

    I want to do a size conversion of jpeg files. Is there a program for Pandora ?
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    Arduino IDE for ARM

    I just found that releases the IDE for ARM (experimental). I tried to install it in Slackware and SZ. SZ is not working by me. In Slackware it installed but when starting it gave an error : ../.../java not found. Even its there. I guess it missed the Java 8 (I only have 7 installed)...
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    video recording in mplayer

    I use to record tv in mplayer when I have time to do by hand so I can start some minutes earlier and stop a bit later because the given time is not always correct. But for recordings at night I used kaffeine with the schedule. Now I have problems when sometimes start/stop is not what EPG is...
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    Micro Python

    Has anyone tried the Micro Python? This is a kickstarter project combo of a controller board and Python as programmng language. Seems very nice. See
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    https problem in qupzilla

    when trying to start a https site I get the error : no trusted site , cannot load what can I do ? I set SSL check to none, but this didn't help Thanks for help.  Joachim
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    watch video while converting files with ffmpeg

    Hello, I have the following problem : When converting a video file from mpg to mp4 with ffmpeg I want do some other work like internet or watch videos which also uses a lot of resources. Watching videos is way too slow even with 1.2 GHz. Is it possible to set ffmpeg to use minimum resources so...
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    webcam recording

    After trying to find elsewhere and not finding here it goes. Is there an easy soft for recording with the webcam (how). So far it works with ffmpeg but I would like mplayer or something to watch and record at the same time like Kaffeine. I can get pics with camcoder but get error when trying to...
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    SD Card good and bad

    First the good one. I bought Qumox 64GB class 10 card on ebay about 17 € and is now working as Slackware OS very well. Maybe someone can put this in the wiki. The bad is for the huge fake cards / sticks eg. card with 512GB or 2TB stick. read here (sorry, german)...
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    SDR on pandora ?

    has anyone tried SDR on pandora ? This is Radio reception with cheap DVB-T Sticks and there are some projects for the beaglebone. One with gqrx software is shown here :
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    PiFM on pandora

    Here were some freaks who stimulated a GPIO to make a Radio out of Raspi. Is it possible (I guess yes) to do the same with pandora? And if, will someone do it for us ?
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    USB stick not accessible

    After recording from a SAT receiver until the stick was full the stick is no longer working. With Linux no device is showing. Under Windows the drive letter is showing but no access (no chkdsk, format etc). Even a low level format prog is not working (no access). What can I do to get the stick...
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    Files locked on FAT card in Slackware

    Somehow I changed the permission of the complete SD card in Slackware (this is a FAT card) and all files / dirs show a lock sign. Some apps cant save their data (TVBrowser I guess). What can I do ? Thanks for help.
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    Octave not working

    After installing Octave in Slackware with gslapt all seemed fine. But when starting from terminal I get the error "error while loading shared libraries file not found" Also when starting QtOctave I get the message "... your version is : not found"  even after setiing path to...
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    wlan stick Netgear WG111v2 for € 1,95

    I now found a stick which works both with SZ and Slackware  at you can get Netgear WG111v2 54Mbps  order no 712216 for 1.95€ working for both OS. But not 712217 WG111T (didn't work)! joachim
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    SSLv3 attack / poodle

    Hello, to stop poodle attacks via SSLv3 you can change the config in firefox according to ,how can I do this in seamonkey (Slackware) and Qupzilla ? Any help is appreciated. thanks Joachim
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    PDF software

    Is there any software for OP like pdfsam (split and merge) or can anyone make a pnd or package for Slackware ? So I could do this work on OP and won't need the big machine. Thanks for the help. Joachim
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    time zones

    when I change from SZ to slackware I get 2hrs less in time after changing the time to actual and going back to SZ I have 2 hrs more, but I set bot to time     zone Berlin. what can I do?
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    Terminalprog for external system

    I have an embedded system which is controlled with a terminal program (picocom in Linux). How can I use it with OP? Which program do I need, maybe in Slackware? use with picocom (ubuntu) picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0
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    move System to smaller card

    ok this maybe a little OT because it is not for pandora but who knows .. I got a Linux system on 4GB card         with 16MB boot and the rest rootfs. on rootfs only 700MB is used. How can I move this to a 2GB card ? dd will not work but stops at 2GB.  Thanks for help.