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  1. vapourstreak

    What Are You Planning To Dev For The Wiz?

    Hey, Im deciding between a wiz and some other console i wont tell you about yet. i want to see what is going to come out for the wiz before deciding. do you devs have any planned apps or games for the wiz? thanks, vapour
  2. vapourstreak

    Gta Styled Game For Wiz

    Is anyone interested in coding a GTA styled game (third person view like GTA:VCS, not top down view like GTA1.)? Or is it possible to port PayBack or the GTA's for PSP? Thanks, Vapour
  3. vapourstreak

    GP2XStore Accessories

    Hey, Where are all the GP2XStore Accessories? I see them on Play-Asia, but not on GP2XStore. I just noticed that only Play-Asia has a full lineup of Wiz Accessories. Why is that? BTW, is anyone interested in deving a GTA style game (the third person view, not top-down) or helping me start...
  4. vapourstreak

    Gp2xstore Wiz Accessories

    I noticed the page for Wiz Accessories is not up yet on (it is up on paly asia, though). Any news on when the accessories page will be up? thanks, Vapourstreak
  5. vapourstreak

    Pandora Or Wiz?

    Who's getting a Pandora? Who's getting a Wiz? Who's getting none? EDIT how do you post polls?
  6. vapourstreak

    'app Store-like Service'

    I read on Engadget that GPH is setting up an 'App Store-like service' for the Wiz. Is this true? How does that work if there's no Wifi?
  7. vapourstreak

    Wiz Processor

    I was looking around Google for the Wiz's processor and found this site can anyone tell me what it means? whats openGL 1.1?
  8. vapourstreak

    How Do I Start Developing A Game?

    Hey, I want to start developing a game or something for the Wiz when it comes out, but I ahve no idea what to do. Do I learn C++ First? What do I do after that? Anyone wanna help me? Thanks, Vapour
  9. vapourstreak

    What Will Happen To All The Devs?

    when the pandora comes out, which devs will stay with the wiz an dwhich ones will move to the pandora? I would expect most to move to the pandora, but I cant really buy it because they're probably going to be sold out in a few days.
  10. vapourstreak

    Good Game For Wiz?

    I see on Play Asia that there are two games for the Wiz, Asura Cross Wired and Her Knights: All for Princess. Are these games good? What are the other planned releases of commerical games? How about PayBack? Thanks, Vapour
  11. vapourstreak

    My Fund For The Wiz

    I got this really cool ATM thing from Hong Kong that lets me set a savings target, counts up my total saving, and lets me withdraw my money! It can even automatically count Canadian coins when I push it in the coin slot! : P Anyways, I'm saving up for a Wiz, and here's my status. I know I've...
  12. vapourstreak

    Help Me Start : )

    Hey, I want to start trying to dev a game for the wiz (when the SDK comes out), so I need to get started. i have no background nor knowledge about codeing... ever, so please explain stuff in simple terms some questions: whats C? how about C++? will add more as soon as i think of more
  13. vapourstreak

    Openpandora Vs Gamepark Holdings Wiz

    Hey, I plan to get either a Pandora or Wiz with the money I will get after I manage to sell my PSP and DS, bt I can't decide which one. I looked up on wikipedia and the pandora wiki and this is that I found out: Wiz: General Chipset: MagicEyes Pollux System-on-a-Chip CPU: 533MHz ARM9 3D...
  14. vapourstreak

    Payback For Wiz?

    Hey, sorry if its been posted already, but I couldnt find it searching 'PayBack Wiz'. Is the GP2X Payback compatible with the wiz or is there gonna be another version? I've triend the GBA version and loved it, so I want to play it again with awesomer graphics : )
  15. vapourstreak

    Wts: Ice Blue Ds And Piano Black Psp

    Hey, I'm Vapourstreak just so you know ;). I'm saving up for a GP2X Wiz, but I went to Hong Kong recently and bought myself a blue DS lite and black PSP slim, so my parents won't let me use their money haha. Anyways, since I want the Wiz so bad, I'm willing to sell both of them to get it...
  16. vapourstreak

    Gp2x Accessories

    Hi. I was thinking about buying a GP2X, so I bought one and some accessories. I cancelled the order for teh GP2X at the last minute, but the accessories already came and they won't accept my refunnd. Sell: BRAND NEW Payback Game on a 512MB SD Card (Offer) 4GB Kingston Elite Pro SDHC 50x...
  17. vapourstreak

    [dealbreaker] Payback Vs Gta:vcs (psp Vs Gp2x)

    hi I'm new :) I'm trying to decide between a psp slim felicia blue or white GP2X-F200. I love GTA so I'm wondering if I should get the psp for vcs or gp2x for payback. What other things should I consider before buying? Thanks, Vapour