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    Recommendation for game-news and -reviews?

    What sides can you recommend for gaming-news/-reviews for the needs listed below? Direct game recommendations for PC are also welcome. - clean, lean layout without tons of animated ads - non-hyped articles for a grown-up - emphasize on games with "decent content"*, also on drm-free games and...
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    Isn't there a way to run Android-apps on ARM-Linux?

    As the topic says I am wondering if there isn't a way to run Android-apps on an ARM-linux without porting/running the complete AndroidOS. I am thinking of something like what WINE is for Windows-apps. The app would be run in a window of the native OS. Unfortunately I haven't seen something like...
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    Quick Howto about manually installing xbindkeys.

    This is only a quick guide that i split from a different thread. So little knowledge of using a terminal is needed. xbindkeys is a daemon to assign global shortkeys. Something which is broken in the xfce-version the Pandora uses. xbindkeys is not in the opkg-repository and it does not make...
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    Any updated info on the TV-out-cables (SCART)?

    I'm patiently waiting for the TV-out-cable since years. And since this is nothing special with Pandora-related stuff, I am still waiting patiently. ;) But somehow I lost the focus on the current state. Although I remember to have read some info in the forums sometimes in between. In my...
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    PengPod - sort of OpenPandora-tablet?

    There is a new crowdfunding-project going on: In general it sounds interesting (to me), though I would prefer to see e.g. the ARM Cortex-A15 being used.
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    Short Pandora Review in German TV (VIVA)

    Maybe this is old news? Sometimes i see old GameOne-episodes on TV that are several months old repetitions, but this one was new to me. Anyway: I felt like grabbing my OP while sitting in the living room and writing this . ;) Overall they didn't rate it, but just gave a very quick overview...
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    Need help in bug-hunting

    I am still working on the mpd-package. So far I managed to sort out most issues. One bug left is probably due to some flaw in libgme, which I won't work on any further. But still there is another one left: When I run MPD from a directory that is NOT packed into a pnd, then scanning for and...
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    Pandora Question about pnd-validation.

    What's the proper way of validating a PND? I had my problems with it once again, after things worked without issues for quite some time. But yesterday I updated the "/usr/pandora/scripts/PXML_schema.xsd" and after that (or xmllint) spit out errors. After a long time of trying...
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    Pandora Pnd-file:permission problems

    Recently i released the music player daemon package as pnd ( For me everything runs fine, but one pandora-user reported problems, which you can read about here (continues on page 2). I believe to vaguely remember that someone had similar problems with a...
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    Quick note about a nice experience with compile-flags

    Well,I mostly write this due to my happiness and relief that it now works. So forgive me if I bore you. ;) Maybe someone will find this useful anyway. I tried to compile sexypsf, a command-line player to play playstation 1 and playstation 2 music-files. Compiling worked nicely, but when i...
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    Release 'music player daemon'-package (mpd+mpc+ncmpc)

    I've created a pnd containing: - the music player daemon (mpd). - "mpc", a command-line-player for mpd - "ncmpc", a console-player (text-mode) for mpd - "ncmpcpp", a fork of "ncmpc" with some additional features. - hopefully all libraries needed to run the above. - a small bash-menu...
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    Control pandora with android-phone for music-playback. Possible?

    I decided to give mpd (music player demon) another go on my linux-pc. The configuration was a bit of fiddling (as often in Linux), but now that it works it does it's job very well (as often in Linux). The most interesting part is that there are clients for android-phones, which let you control...
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    OpenGLES support advancing in Nux and Unity

    Just as a notification: Taken from this tweet. AFAIK we will still need a newer kernel to get this running, though.
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    Resizing videos for the Pandora on a LinuxPC

    I didn't try to move a mountain to get this done, but have been searching for an easy solution for quite a while to get large videos resized down to 800x480 with correct aspect-ratio and keeping the same quality (except for the fewer pixels). With mencoder I just got a crappy quality out of...
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    Need to buy a new charger. Detailed specs?

    I need to buy a new charger for the OpenPandora and try to get a decent one for the German region. For that reason I browsed the forum a little for more details. In some other thread ED mentions that the Sony-PSP-adaptors works fine, but first of all I would prefer to buy one that does not come...
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    27 top Linux-powered devices made an article that summarizes several linux-based devices. Despite the fact that the article targeted towards christmas-gifts and christmas is over, this still might interest the one or other of you. http://www.linuxford...hristmas-gifts/
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    Ubuntu 11.10 for ARM/OMAP3

    I've decided to give this a try: http://cdimage.ubunt.../11.10/release/ There is a "Texas Instruments OMAP3 preinstalled desktop image" and naive as I am I thought "we got arm, we got omap3, this might run." ;) Here is even support for SGX mentioned:
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    Gstreamer for Omap + Parole + gst123

    I only had a quick look so far, but in my opinion this is somewhat interesting: GStreamer on TI DaVinci and OMAP processors project (was already mentioned somewhere on the forums): Together with players like for example Parole or gst123...
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    Release Synergy-thread for support/modifications/proposals

    This isn't really a new beta-release, but I didn't know where else to put this. This subforum seemed to fit best. After all the Synergy-PND could use some improvements, I guess. So maybe it's not that wrong in here. I will start with some hints on how to implement synergy in a moment.
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    Here's something i don't understand: In a nutshell: The basic issue is, if i start slim (the displaymanager) in two different, but very similar ways, that in the one way everything works fine when logging out of xfce, but in the other way the system hangs. I managed to track down the problem...