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    In search of the perfect module

    on the gp32 spain website there is a gentlemen who is trying to find the perfect module for a ram upgrade for the gp32: go to: gp32spain homepage and check it out, if your not fluent in spanish heres what hes saying: :) 31/05/2003 - In search of the perfect module With the purpose of...
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    GP32 official case

    Hi guys, received my official gp32 case this morning from play-asia only took 4 days to arrive, very fast. The case has a soft furry inside which will protect the screen and also has plenty of pocket. the case has a gp32 logo on the front also has a belt holder and a strap for holding price...
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    fGEN32 WIP and Screenshots

    hi guys go to on homepage, gp32 emu new pics and info on fgen32. drool!, sonic..... looks great so far, keep up the great work. all the best.
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    GP32 carry bag available!

    Hi people, Check out GP32 carry bag at play asia. all the best.
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    Tie break Tennis gp32 demo?

    Hi boy and girls, this is my 1st post so please be gently with me! I found this demo on a spanish gp32 website: Tie break tennis... I cant read spanish so dont know how to install?? :blink: Any help would be much appreciated and also if anyone has any more details of it, full release etc...