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    Askmen Preview?

    Couldn't find anything about this on the search, what are peoples thoughts on this?
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    Fs: Games + Other Bits

    On the old ebay Mix mash of Atari 2600, PC, Master System, Megadrive and so on
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    Clear Thinking Records Free Cd

    Clear Thinking Records Hi there and welcome to Clear Thinking Records February update. Clear Thinking Records is a record label run by me, Craig Lutas and is used to promote some of the greatest underground bands in the world. We Need Your Bands! As we...
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    Groups G + H Up In My Botb

    Vote In The Online Battle of the Bands
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    My Online Battle Of The Bands

    Could people please go visit my Online Battle of the Bands and vote for your favourite band in the current Groups.
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    Battle Of The Bands

    Anyone in a band or want to sign up and vote in Battle Of The Bands 2004-2005 feat: 128 bands battling it out!
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    Any Gp32 Users From North East Uk?

    Hi, just wondered if any fellow GP32ers from the North East England fancy coming along to my gig? I know its a long shot but hey you never know.. Milk2Sugars Milk2Sugars are a 7-piece Ska/Rock band originating from Wakefield, UK. M2S have played with a few of the UK's great Ska/Punk bands -...
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    Any Newcastle People Here?

    Hi there, any Newcastle/near area people on here. I have a punk/ska gig organised and am rounding up people. Info is below. Tuesday 13th April 2004 The Cooperage, Newcastle STUNTFACE (GOOD CLEAN FUN RECORDS)= "combining the melodic parts of the Californian punk scene and the speed and...
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    No New Emulators Yet!!!

    GP32 Spain Translation "Here they are the results of the aid of emulators of GP32Spain. it has been disqualified to give the emulator outside time. Votacoines has been made by a jury coput by 6 people who have scored of 6 (better) 1 (worse) each emulator. The winning emulator is the one that...
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    GP32 Article In PCZone

    PC Zone have a short article about the GP32 in issue 134 November 2003 (out in the shops soon). It tells you about the different emulators available (as well as mp3, GPCinema, SCUMM and Doom) and doesn't even mention GBA! Scan hopefully coming soon but my scanner ain't working at the mo.
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    Any1 going to any Gigs this Winter?

    Just wondering if anyone was going to see any cool bands/groups this summer. Around my local area (Newcastle ish) there is a fair few going on and i've already got tickets for Iron Maiden and Alkaline Trio. :D
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    GPDoom V9 Final

    A new version of Doom is out, with saves! Check out GBAX for the download. I'm off to test it :)
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    Centipede 0.1 Released

    Not too shabby release - Centipede Download
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    Moviepark Closing

    I just went and checked out Entware's site and it seems moviepark is becoming unavailable after the 15th of August.Entware Popup
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    Crossover Dev present a new game...

    Just saw the post on the main page and was wondering if anyone had guessed what the port is yet? I'm always interested in new games and especially if its as good as Pang.
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    JoyGP Question

    Just wondering what payment methods JoyGP take? I don't have a credit card unfortunately but do have access to either a Debit card or Paypal. This will help me decide whether or not to buy a GP32 as I would love to buy and download a bunch of games.
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    Bomberman Clone

    I was just wondering if any one could do a Bomberman game on the GP32. I would love to see a new version different to the emulated ones, with more power ups and maybe a multiplayer mode :P . Also, I was wondering how well the GP32 runs Bomberman 93 thru GPengine? I am saving for a GP32 (£75...