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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Cursive - The ugly organ Good band, quirky album :D
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    Gp2x Bug

    well it looks like like a good Pacman/maze type game, need a gp2x to play it on though.
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    Askmen Preview?

    QUOTE It’s the Bowser of all emulator systems, Had to laugh at that haha... While its good to see the Pandora get a little bit of publicity, its sad to see a tiny little article which doesn't really say anything about the machine and doesn't even link to openpandora
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    Askmen Preview?

    Couldn't find anything about this on the search, what are peoples thoughts on this?
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    Hi Im New For The Gp2x

    The GP2x doesn't use exes, becauses thats a PC Format. The GP2x uses its own format and will only play games which are released in that format. However games such as Day of the Tentacle work on the emulator Scummvm and Duke has been ported so you'll have to download the specific GP2x version
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    Promoting The Gp2x Further...

    I believe that a bit of help from everyone on the forum would work too, try posting about it on all the forums you visit and keep taking it out places, and telling as many people as possible about it. Also I agree that targetting selected rom sites would be a good idea, but maybe also target...
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    Fs: Games + Other Bits

    On the old ebay Mix mash of Atari 2600, PC, Master System, Megadrive and so on
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    Clear Thinking Records Free Cd

    Clear Thinking Records Hi there and welcome to Clear Thinking Records February update. Clear Thinking Records is a record label run by me, Craig Lutas and is used to promote some of the greatest underground bands in the world. We Need Your Bands! As we...
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    New Member - New Game

    Looking good - will get around to putting this one when i finally get a gp2x :P
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    Evil Dragon Day

    Definitly, his contribution via the Gp32x archive has helped me find some old games that I must have missed first time round. Legend B)
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    Future Drmd Release?

    i third this idea
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    Genesis.. Drmd Is The Bomb?

    can't wait to dust off my gp32 again when this gets released, been waiting for good Megadrive emulation with saves since I got the machine!
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    The Sunday Suprise

    8:14PM or 20:14PM
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    Ps1 On The Gp32? What Could Come Of This?

    Some people complain too much <_<
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    Groups G + H Up In My Botb

    Vote In The Online Battle of the Bands
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    Saw one of the Sublime gang in his new band (dunno which member it was) called Longbeach Shortbus and they were quite frankly... AWFUL! :(
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    New Project

    include a background template similar to the original tamagotchi! :)
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    My Online Battle Of The Bands

    Could people please go visit my Online Battle of the Bands and vote for your favourite band in the current Groups.
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    Exam Results This Week...

    I'm expecting A level Computing and Business Studies... and my expected results are U and D :(
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    Battle Of The Bands

    Anyone in a band or want to sign up and vote in Battle Of The Bands 2004-2005 feat: 128 bands battling it out!