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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    I was one of the first to order almost a year ago and I was one of the few to be lucky enough to re-order on my CC. Unfortunately, I cancelled my order about a month ago and as usual had excellent customer service.....too much obsessing, just visit once a month or so and will pick one up oneday...
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    How Many Pandora''s Have Been Sold As Of Today ?

    Just Wondering. Anyone from the Pandora team care to answer that question ? Thx :)
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    Why Pandora?

    I was wondering when someone was going to mention the gaming controls...................That is the ONLY reason I am buying the's all about the gaming controls. This is the biggest difference between pandora and the rest, and for gamers it's all that matters when playing all of...
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    Who Ordered The Pandora Case ?

    I am just wondering if I should cancel this part of my order. I haven't heard much about it and am wondering if it will be available when the system comes out.....anyone know ?
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    American Express

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    More Updates

    got it :) I have not been around for a couple of a little excited :)
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    More Updates

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    American Express

    Just to let all of you know who used AMEX to pre order, I was told to do a chargeback by Debs so I contacted AMEX last week (December 29) and advised them of the situation and I received my credit today. (very fast) I will wait for the re-order page by cc now ..............................
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    How Do I Get Artwork Samples In Mame4all Front End?

    Where do I get all I need to make this work ? A link or two if possible ? ........................thx
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    How Do I Get Artwork Samples In Mame4all Front End?

    I download everything that was available for MAME4ALL v1.5 and it's running great on my f-200 but I have no sample artwork to go with each game on the front end menu and am not sure where to get it or how to install it so that it will be working. Any help is appreciated. This is the example I...
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    All Refunds Not Sent Yet

    Same here :( ...........also Canada.
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    Is There Any Way To Save High Scores With Mame4all ?

    I can do this on my arcade cabinet , at least with games that were set up for this like robotron, stargate etc......does anyone know if this is possible ? To me that is the whole point for arcade style games.....
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    Can't Get Gmenu To Work With My F-200 V.2

    This menu came preloaded in an SD "monster" card and when I try to autorun ( I know the autorun function is broken but it won't even run once) it the screen goes blank. Any ideas ?
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    Gp2x Bricked?

    GRRRRR :( I just got my gp2x f-200 v.2 to work with FW4.1.0, did not upgrade to 4.1.1 yet, i was using mame4all and loaded tempest and played a minute and got a white screen, now fw 4.1.0 tries to load and tehn I get a white screen.what do i do? tried to upgrade to fw 4.1.1 or go down to 4.0.2...
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    Are There 2 Versions Of Fw 4.1.1 For The F-200?

    I have v.2 with the new screen and see only one version on the gp2x site.............any info? thx
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    Instalation Problem For F-200 With Tar File

    * How to install * Extract the tar file. Use an empty 4 GB SD card (if it is not empty, format the card). Then copy the content of the root directory to the SD card (all directories including autorun.gpu). Place the SD card in the GP2X and everything should work Trying to install a "monster...
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    Instalation Problem For F-200 With Tar File

    having trouble but looks interesting :) anyone who I have to use gmenu or should it work on the default menu too ?
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    All Refunds Not Sent Yet

    It's simple really...No one likes to lose money........However, supporting this project and having the chance to be the FIRST to have this system has a price and whoever is not comfortable with the possiblities of delays , losing some money or even worse problems that may be encountered along...
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    My Gp2x-f200 Review For "late Adopters" I wait for my f-200 to arrive...why not just keep the default is that bad ? (seems like there are potential problems with gmenu and the newer FW)