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    Gpadvance Whats New

    Please, news team, look into*che...ommentaires.txt to find out about the changes in the new version. They write even in english now: ----------------------------------------------- Torlus (11/07): ----------------------------------------------- - Small...
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    Gp32 Blu - Cheapes Price?

    I would like to know the places in spain and italy where the gp32 blu is available for order. I want to buy it for euro to avoid currency differences and i could also go to italy or spain for my order but i saw that in the shop it always seems to be 200 euro. Thanks!
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    Pong - The Real One

    Hi Hando, I think the pong idea is great. I cant wait to try it at home. I can remeber playing pong and tennis and all these games on a german equivalent of a Magnavox Odyssey when I was a little kid. I hope the typical sound is there, too :)
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    A Nintendo Ds Picture
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    GP32 developer base

    I'm interested in the percentage of active programmers in the GP32 scene. Please answer even if you don't code for the GP32.
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    Where do i put the porns?!!

    I got my gp32, sucess in playing the MP3's of the porn telephone lien and them girls sound great but i cant get the real stuff rnning on it!! what directory do i put them in? ive looked about but cant find ne help i want to use my little john.. a detailed explination will be fine thanx and i...
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    gp32: duke nukem, quake and unreal available now!

    Hi, i just wanted to post that you can have already duke nukem, quake and unreal near full speed on your trusty gp32. All you need is the right emulators, then get the following: DukeNukem Unreal Quake Have fun!
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    GP32 meetup in germany?

    GP32 meetup in germany? Who would be interested? Bring all your RF links with you!
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    Poll Locking - Why?

    Why was the poll "is gp32 dead soon?" locked? People were voting and discussing happily along (apart from the troll). Is there a rule that a thread with more than 5 pages is forbidden? Did the locker wake up in a bad mood? Is it sensible to close an active poll due to some semi-troll? Very...
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    Is the GP32 dead soon?

    What do you think? Is the GP32 dead already? Think of it: only 15000 GP32 sold, only a few rflinks sold (because there are just no friends with gp32 to play with), only very very few game releases since over a year now, no release in europe as promised. On top of that the imminent release of the...
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    GPasteroids soon

    Although there is a GPasteroids icon on the frontpage, the new version will be out not earlier than next week. I still have to sort out some stuff and multiplayer will be updated, too. Greetings, Giffel.
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    GP32emu boards are down

    The gba/gp32emu boards are down. "Site temporarily unavailable." "Please contact support" It must be because of the GBA forum, since there are not really a lot of posts in the gp32 part. Its always good to have several forums for a choice :)
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    GP32 Adventure construction kit - Maerchen

    Currently I am thinking about writing an adventure construction kit. This should enable visual novels first. You would need to collect some pictures (drawn, 3d, your digital camera) and think up some story, then type your adventure in a text editor on your pc. When you are ready, put it on SMC...
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    Possible speeds for your GP32

    Since GPengine has several choices for the cpu speed setting, you could try at which speeds your GP32 runs fine. Please select the maximum setting at which you were able to use GPengine without experiencing problems. Please also make sure you used fresh batteries for this test. Thanks!