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    Can't Get Gp2xengine-13-beta-hack-k5 To Run Cd Roms?

    I looked at the read me and it seemed all bosched up? Can someone give me a step by step, or at least some help on how to run Drac X. Thank you
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    Having Problems With Picodrive 132

    When I play any of the FMV games like Revenge of the Ninja, Road Avenger, Cobra Command it buffers all the time. I've tried every opinion for readhead buffer, better sync is on. I've use pretty much every cpu speed too and if it don't buffer it skips alot?? I have a sandisk. I use 1gig and 2...
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    Need Help Upgrading Firmware

    I haven't played my gp2x for a while and needed help upgrading my firmware from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1. Thanks
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    Who Here Is Happy With Firmware 2.1.0?

    I know I am. Just upgraded this morning. I've read people having problems with mp3 playback, but I don't use my gp2x for mp3's anyways. thats what my ipods for :) I will say for me at least Video Playback It's much improved. On 2.0.0 it would freeze all the time and now it works prefect...
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    Neogeo Gngeo2x

    Can you save game progress on this emulator?
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    Looking For The Longest Lasting Batteries For Gp2x.

    I saw these 2700 Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. Are these the best out? If not, then whats the best out there I can buy. I have 2600, but only getting 4 to 5 hours of game and movie time on gp2x.
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    Got Dracula X Working On Gp2xengine, But Wav Sounds Aren't Working

    I got the game running but no sound. Their all in wav format.
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    How Do I Install The Mplayer To My Gp2x?

    I dl the hacked version. need to know how to install. Thanks
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    Mplayer Freezes Alot Or Skips?

    Why Is this happening? I bought my system yesterday and already my movies are skipping, but most of the time they freeze? I have a 4 gb ridata card. I got it from Need help. Thanks
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    No Sound In Gngeo2x?

    I've put a few games in and no sound at all? I push the Y button and still nothing?
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    I Just Became A Gp2x Owner. Should Have It Tomorrow.

    I'm very excited about getting it :D I have a GP32 blu, but haven't played it in a while. I don't know anything about this new system, but I'm sure If I need help the gp2x forum will help. What I bought.... GP2X Case Batteries TV-out plug 4gig card I have tons of avi movies and music I...
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    Whats The Negatives About The Tv-out Cable?

    I'm going to buy a GP2X today and needed some questions answered. I've done some reading up on the tv out cable and it seems to me that it has some problems. I want to use It with my home cinema. Would it work If I just hooked up the video & audio to the ins in the home cinema? or whats the...
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    Thinking Of Buying A Gp2x. (in The Uk)

    I want the newer MK2 GP2X. Colour Black of course. whatever the newest firmware is....It seems to be 2.0. Who's the best to buy from? I've been doing a lot of looking around, Play Asia, Lik-Sang, I ordered from lik-sang before (a year ago) when I got my PSP. I had problems...
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    Are There Any Stores That Sell Gp2x In The Us?

    I'm going to chicago tomorrow for 2 weeks and want to try and find a gp2x while I'm there. Thanks
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    Gp32 Overclocking Tester?

    Does this program test how fast your gp32 is? scroll down. it said up to 256mhz?
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    Anywhere To Download Dante Must Kill & Strider 1&2

    I've looked in many sites and couldn't find it? Does anybody have any links to download these Bor mods? Thanks
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    Need Smc Is Meesed Up.

    On the Beats of Rage memory card says 2Gb and I can't delete the file......all it has it a bunch of these's (@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@) whats wrong with my smc? Or how do I format the card to get rid of it? thanks
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    Could A Neo Geo Emulator Ever Be Done On Gp32?

    It would be cool, but I doubt It'll ever happen. I mean look at the snes emus.
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    How Do I Get Beats Of Rage To Work On My Gp32?

    I just downloaded beats and a bunch of add on games...Can anybody help me to get them to work?
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    Download Section's Back Up...woohoo!

    I feel homebrew in my veins... all fixed ;)