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    the vivaldi lives!?
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    soc power draw [rough numbers]

    so I just compiled this quick list of soc power numbers, it must be stated that these all include platform power[ei the other components] and they all have different types and sizes of displays. lower to higher: [perf] rockchip 3188 idle                           - 1.4-5W  |  2.8-8W  max...
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    ART replacing dalvik in android 4.4 maybe this is how they will reclaim lower end hardware...
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    they just cant let it go, 1GHz n900 too little, too late.
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    Amlogic quad a9 with 8-core mali-450 @ 28nm via tsmc It has me puzzled why jxd left this for rockchip...maybe it wasn't ready yet...
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    FLASH meet FOSS... seems to be a good move for the foss crowd who had to suffer due to the lack of flash... more reading
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    you get a 3g sdcard, you get a 3g sdcard, everybody gets a 3g sdcard! sdio? will it work like a generic wireless adapter idk...but looks cewl.
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    something interesting might happen from amd starts in 5 hrs from the time of this post. new gpu launch. tonnes of hype related to gaming and linux. possibly steamOS?
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    oppo n1, first to come stock with cyanogen mod

    actually ships with both oppo's color os and cyanogen mod a la the htc one. [look how pretty the website is tho']
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    piracy is really just a missed opportunity... this is progressive...this is why netflix gets our money!
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    portal on ds just awesome
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    android 4.3 on amd bobcat and intel atom netbooks that's cool.
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    MUCH I5 UNBOXING android gaming handheld

    remember this
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    beaglebone handheld 4 aaa batteries for a ti omap 3...
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    critique my photos

    took these today in downtown miami note: you shouldnt need to have a fb account to access these
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    ppsspp update 0.8, a/v decoding now somebody named mai has somehow reversed engineered the atrac decoder in the psp, so now audio and video ingame is playable, woner what kinda performance we should expect from shield.
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    is a beast! I am surprised what just additional memory bandwidth can do for gfx performance!
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    glbasic snake game I was working on...

    I save the coords of every movement to 2 arrays, then use those values to display the tail. somewhere along it crashes and glbasic complains about the array bounds... How would I draw as many segments as the snakeLength variable dictates without having a separate line for each segment in...
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    it seems like google has finally regained control over android

    version numbers dont matter much anymore because google has -warning layman speak ahead- moved all the apis from the os itself to a package that can be update via the play store. so even 2.3 will get most 4.3 features.
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    what if nvidia and ouya were together together?

    I was thinking, right now shield has very few games that could work correctly with it (~50). It definitely needs a booster shot, or they need to throw wet, stinky cash everywhere but that would still take time and the scope would be narrow. What if the team up with ouya  and brought the ouya...