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    Original 80's Ghostbuster Toys For Sale

    A Few original Ghostbuster toys from the 80's that were just sitting in the attic - Thanks
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    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Code

    Got a spare Call of Duty 5 Beta code for sale if anyone wants it before I put it on ebay for £10 Oh its for the Xbox360
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    Some Retro Gaming For Sale :)

    Ebay link - Will ship world wide just tell me which item you want shipped where so I can get a price for you :) UK Postage prices already included on the auctions Thanks
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    Half Life 2 The Orange Box

    I have Half Life 2 The Orange Box for the PC for sale. Its brand new and still sealed. If you havent played Half Life before then you need this!!!! HL2 won 40 game of the year awards! The Orange Box is 5 games in one box, what you get is - Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode one, Half Life 2...
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    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Migration / Transfer Kit

    I have an Xbox 360 Hard drive migration / transfer cable for sale complete with software and instructions. Excellent condition and only used once £15 + £2.50 postage Thanks
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    Xbox 360 Premium

    For sale is my mint Xbox360 Premium console complete with 2 games, box, packaging and booklets. Reason for sale is I have just upgraded to the Elite. It comes 100% complete with - Box Booklets (Manual etc) Original packaging Console 20gb Hard Drive HD / SD AV Cable Network cable Power supply...
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    Havent Been On Here For A Long Time

    Just recently got my new car. Its a 1994 Toyota MR2 Turbo. Heres some pics - Current mods are - Bonnet painted black with red, green, gold and blue fleck in it (looks very nice) 18" Equip Alloy Wheels Blue Flame Turbo Exhaust 3" Down Pipe Border Front bumper...
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    Best Place To Pre Order Gta Iv?

    Anyone know where the best place is to Pre Order GTA IV?? I want it on the release day and Zavvi are doing the big collectors pack for £58. Has anyone Pre ordered with Zavvi before?? If so did you receive it on time?? Thanks
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    Sam Fisher Is Suing Best Buy! No, I dont think its the same Sam Fisher from here ;)
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    Colin Mcrae Feared Dead QUOTE Former world rally champion Colin McRae is believed to have been killed along with three others in a helicopter crash near his home in Lanarkshire. The helicopter, which police believe was owned by Mr McRae, 39, came down on...
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    Creative Zen Vision M

    Anyone got a Creative Zen Vision M?? I just got one and went to use the AV out on it but the AV cable I have wont fit fully into the Creative dongle. Is the Official Creative AV cables jack plug slightly shorter than a normal Camcorder AV jackplug?? Anyone got an official creative AV cable that...
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    Wanted - Faulty Psp's

    Anyone got a bricked PSP that they want to sell? Im looking to buy a few bricked ones Pref from people in the UK. Thanks
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    .bat File Help Needed :)

    I have been writing simple Bat files to make tasks easier for my self but I just cant get this one to work. Right, I have a folders like this (just an example) - \southpark\series1\episode1\ep1.avi \southpark\series1\episode2\ep2.avi etc etc What I want is a bat file that I can put in folder...
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    Manhunt 2 Banned In Uk!

    Manhunt 2 has officially been banned in the uk!!!! Looks like this is a one that will have to be obtained some other way if you live in the UK ;) I bet the reason for it being banned will be because of Resistance and all that church crap thats...
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    Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It...

    Can anyone find a Bigens 50" ball anywhere in the UK to buy Or any inflatable 50" - 70" ball that can take abuse like that can?? I can only find sites in the US that have them but would rather buy one from the UK.. Heres a clip of the ball in action, looks great fun :D -...
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    Sorted Bios Now Have A Display Problem

    Well I sorted the BIOS problem I had and it was running Fine. Went to format it and its got problems :( ... To save me all the typing out bother again, heres a copy of what I posted on the Hardwareanalysis forum - QUOTE I have a Medion computer here with a MS-6533 motherboard. It had a BIOS...
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    Award / Phoenix Bios Files

    I have a computer here with a Award / Phoenix Bios but it is corrupt and needs reflashing.... Does anyone know where to get a Phoenix Bios from??? Been Googling it for ages but cant find anything...
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    Guitar Hero 2 Bricking 360's!

    The New Guitar hero update seems to be giving people the rings of death!! - what ever you do, dont update ;)
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    Amd Price Drop!,00.html AMD 64 3000+ for £17 !!! - Dual Core AMD 64 X2 5200+ for £117 !!! - These Prices are MAD!!! :D :D
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    Wanted - Gamecube Controller Or Ps2 To Gc Adaptor

    Im looking for a Gamecube contoller or a PS2 to Gamecube adaptor for use on my Wii... if anyones got one laying around let me know Thanks :D