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  1. moxie

    Ronja the robbers' daughter

    Stuff that makes me happy :)
  2. moxie

    Wireless networks in France

    OK, so this summer me and my family will do a little vacationing in France. A few days in Paris (29-30 june) and two-ish weeks in and around Bretagne (Etables Sur Mer as a base). So, the question is of course: How would one go about getting some sort of internet connection? It is not as if I...
  3. moxie

    Best April Fools of 2014?

    So, now that the day is soon over in most of the world: What was the best April Fools Joke around your parts? Or anywhere? This one is my favourite: I love his delivery at 0:27 :D
  4. moxie

    Pen-and-paper roleplayers?

    If you're inte proper RPGs (You know - Rulebooks, pizza, and funnily shaped dice), then you do want to take a look at this crowdfunder:  
  5. moxie

    Got my new x86 handheld yesterday!

    I am well and truly gobsmacked :)
  6. moxie

    Game On 2.0 in Stockholm

    Tomorrows entertainment:
  7. moxie

    Calcurse not launching

    Thought I'd try cube48s port of calcurse, but I can't seem to get it to launch on my Pandora? Or rather, it launches, blinks into existence, and dies again. Anybody got any similar experience, or anybody got it to run? Latest updated OS (1.60), rebirth model, nothing weird as far as I know. I...
  8. moxie

    Merry Christmas, everybody!

    ...and if you get this, you are one in the proud order of geekery :D
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    links browser irregularities

    Since I've been working on the interesting task to try and write a readable read-me lately, I've come to the conclusion that links (that is, the rather minimal web browser, not hyperlinks or anything like that) is acting weird. My original problem is this: Part of the documentation for my...
  10. moxie

    Release AltairZ80 So, this is my port (in the simplest sense of the word - Slap the sources down and type "make") of Peter Schorns Altair simulator/emulator. It simulates an Altair 8800 - The "first home computer" - with many of its options. Since it was...
  11. moxie

    Pandora PND packaging questions

    Hi all!   I'm currently at the tail end of packaging up Peter Shorns altairz80, which is one of the emulators in the SIMH project. That is not a problem in itself - It is old, well written, absolutely simple code. Compiled without a hitch. However, I have a few newbie questions about the...
  12. moxie

    Happy midsummer!

    Happy midsummer, everybody! Around here, it is one of the big holidays, and we celebrate it like this: Although, to outsiders, it probably looks a bit like this: If you don't hear from me for a...
  13. moxie

    Make the SD-card ext2, and it turns extremely slow?

    Quick sanity check here: I copied all of the stuff on my SD-card to a directory, reformatted it to ext2 (by using fdisk to change the type and then mkfs.ext2 - The old-fashioned way), then copied everything back - And suddenly everything is s-l-o-w  a--s   h---e---l------l----! Starting up...
  14. moxie

    OTG port possibly bust?

    Hiya all! I recently got myself an OTG adapter to try to use a mouse that way. However, when I plugged that in, nothing happens at all. That in itself might have many causes - The adapter is cheap chinese crap, I'm incompetent, the mouse is broken and the cat ate the cable - but then I...
  15. moxie

    Where did the Beta testing forum go?

    In general, I like structuring the forums a bit, but...well, question in the header...
  16. moxie

    Swedish keyboard layout

    Hi all! Being swedish, I like to be able to type stuff like "Å i åa ä e ö", since this constitutes meaningful conversation in our language :) And also, of course, Ä and Ö (even though those are not in the example). To do that, I've used slaeshjags xmodmapfile from...
  17. moxie

    QTSpotify not quite working?

    Yesterday, I remembered that QTSpotify exists, and decided to try it out. It worked very well, up to a point: I managed to log in to my account, see my playlists, search for artists and albums and stuff, and press play and see the album art. All very nice. The only thing that didn't work, for...
  18. moxie

    She's back!!! (Not Prometheus)

    ...from her long trip to Germany. All new and shiny looking, none of that purply-greenish face she used to have, and with a better memory to boot! (and after boot) And her social skills have improved, too - She's speaking over wifi now! All very excellent, and I'm oh so happy! Where to start...
  19. moxie

    Release LXtools/LXfileman

    OK, so I finally got my hands on Freamons C/C++-tools-pnd and thought: "What could I possibly want to try here?". And the answer, quite surprisingly, was lxtools. For those not in the know (i.e. everyone except me, hmc and some other guy whose name I've forgotten), lxtools are command-line...
  20. moxie

    Pandora as retro computer service provider (calling hmc)?

    I have a small thought here. I, being of the somewhat nerdy sort, has a bunch of old computers. I'm particularily partial to early portable computing and palmtops - That is, Epson HX-20, Amstrad NC100, Husky Hunter, Atari Portfolio, HP 95/200LX, Psions...That kind of stuff. And, I even like to...