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    Usb Drivers

    Here's the thing I'm an idiot, and besides that I have a problem with my USB drivers, I downloaded these drivers after re-installling my PC and losing all my old GP32 stuff and switched on my GP32, so windows finds it, I click some shit and accidentally install some wrong drivers, now here is...
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    Lik Sang free shipping help!

    I want to order a game from lik-sang that qualify's for the free shipping, if you click on the symbol it says this: Global Priority Shipping method will be selected by for the Free Shipping offer. What kind of shipping method will be used: UPS or airpost?? Edit: typo's, too bad...
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    GP32 Total Newbie

    I am an total newbie too GP32 developing, but I would love to learn! So can u guys please tell me: -What I need -Where I can get that -What I need to learn -A website to learn it Thanks in advance, please help me make the GP32 scene even greater! B) :D
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    Movie Players

    I'm expecting my FLU to arrive tomorrow, but I won't be able to buy GPcinema at once, are there any free movie players avalable, to use for a couple of weeks/ days?
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    GP32 SMC type

    I am getting my FLU The day after tomorrow or the day after that, so i'm gonna buy a SMC, but does it have to be a special type??? ;)
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    Do you need an SMC??

    I've just order my FLU. But ive got a question, do you need an smc or das it have a (little) room on the gp to download the shit from joygp?
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    GP32 screen

    I've got a question about the screen, can you see it just as bad as the normal gba, or can you see it better?? Which type of GP32 do you have, the normal, or the frontlight version?
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    Sites to buy!

    Where have you all bought your GP32, and dit i go well?