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    Has anyone heard anything about these emulators comming to gp32? I would hope it could be done ! ;) yuzo
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    What would you like to see on gp32 next.

    I put this poll up as an attempt to convince an asm coder ( who may sign-on for gp32 support). Please, please please vote- Unlike the U.S presidential elections, your vote could seriously make a diffrence here. :) thanks- yuzo.
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    My Gp32 monitor needs tweaking

    I just purchased yet a 4th gp32 system a week ago and it was seriously tampered with. Firstly, When I opened the box, the gp32 was placed backwards in the cardboard holder, the plastic screen protector was sloppily put on and when I turned on the unit for the first time, the flu light went...
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    256mb SMC?

    I remember reading about a 256mb smc working with the gp32 somewhere on line. I could use about 5 of these cards. Does anyone know where to find them? -thats if they do exhist and if so, do they work well with the unit? yuzo-
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    Reinstalling an FLU screen

    Im looking to reinstall a flu screen for a friend who utterly scratched his apart while trying to clean dust from between the flu screen and the protective screen. Does anyone know where I can get these 2 screens from? I contacted Lik-sang about the parts but not much of a response from them...