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    Hello You All Brites

    hello you all brites i have seen that there are many britsits people on the forum's so i have a question i am wondering why most of the British media even the bbc are reporting thing that are not true in the finical meash than is in iceland rite now when comparing the British media to the...
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    Opengl 3.0 Spec Released

    the spec for OpenGL 3.0 are released i have not have had the time to read trou them more than than litle look what is new Vertex Array Objects to encapsulate vertex array state for easier programming and increased throughput...
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    Introducing The New Pandora Curve (tm).

    from the pandora blog This is what happens when you ship some $1000 Pandora prototypes via a well known american courier company. :D :P :lol: need some bending
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    True Reality Lives

    plod hell True Reality lives :ph34r: yesterday a new version of the old school software N64 emulator True Reality was released. There's no changelog, but it had 3 releases in the last few months after 4 years of silence! you can get here...
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    Default Powervr Sgx530 Technical Ref Manual

    For those that are interested in such things, TI have put up a technical reference manual on their implementation of SGX530 as found in their Omap35xx series of processors. aka the pandora
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    Video Of The Mk0 Pandora Case

    over at youtube MWeston posted a video of the mk0 Pandora Case compard to NDS lite :pandora1: QUOTE Size comparison of the Pandora handheld versus the NDS lite. Closed up, there isn't too much size difference other than thickness, but open, that...
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    Something New On Youtube

    new video of Gamegear EMU runing on the pandora from MWeston QUOTE this was an emu I ported years ago for a custom ARM7 design. It doesn't rely on an OS as it works directly over hardware so I thought I would try it out. It's really, really slow but then uboot is running slow, I'm not sure if...
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    Opengl To Es Realtime Translator

    i just stumble on this OpenGL to ES realtime translator
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    To The Mods

    i did just see this;postcount=3 :ph34r:
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    Pandora Website Uppdate :o it looks great ;)
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    The First Msx Emulator 100% Written In Javascript.

    just come a crosse this The first MSX emulator 100% written in Javascript. :P :o :o B)
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    New Smile

    i thing it is time add pandora smile to the forum B)
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    (we Hope/maybe) The First Prototype Of The Pandora Handheld On The 26t

    i read this over at Feb 18th: We will be in Dallas, Texas, USA, at the TIDC with (we hope/maybe) the first prototype of the Pandora Handheld on the 26th Feb. :o B) :D
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    The New Human Development Index

    the new Human Development Index is out nothing supring like my country of iceland is the number 1 :D on the list and usa is number 14 :P so i am just asking were did your country rank at
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    Zelda Classic

    spek for it selve QUOTE Mac OS X and the GP2X handheld are also currently in the making, due for release with the next version, 2.5 B)
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    When when will it com out it just stand Preorders opening soon B) i am happy as longs as it koms out this year