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    Disgrutled Pg Tips Purchase

    I was excited at the prospect of getting a Foot-mug with a pack of PG's, especially since I was particularly impressed with the Foot-bowls offered in 2002 by kellogs in plain, concave football inside, and the classic minimalist football pitch which I save for special occasions(usually involving...
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    Fun With The Pc's

    It surprises me that people only use there computer for Porn, Music, and two websites. So I though I'd start a list. 1) Find aliens 2) Play vinyl records 3) Become a games console 4) Record TV shows 5) Tell the temperature 6) Copy ringtones to your phone
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    Commercial Games Last I heard evildragon was looking into it and then nothing. Edit. Meant as a GP2X topic
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    Etw - Eat The Whistle

    sooo cool football nuff said
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    Free Sms Via Interweb

    I'm sure there used to be stacks, any suggestions would be good. I can't type into a phone to save my life!
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    C-dogs COZ :)
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    The Davec List And Where We Are Now.

    DaveC's whats possible. I do like this list. It seems we have learnt quite some things over the past 6 months. edit thanks whiskthecat
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    Knoppix 5.0

    I've been trying to get this thing for ages. I hated 4.0 but knoppix has been little lifesaver now and again I just wondered if anyone had it yet.
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    The Gp32 To Gp2x Crossover

    I *loved* my GP32, but now I have all this storage space on my card, and people are finding cheaper and cheaper cards. I love emulation I really do, but really a crave badly drawn sprites. Do these games only exist in binary form? I know it would be fun to look at the old GP32 Magazines. I...
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    Its thursday, I'm breaking in modular X, and I'm on 2 days 8:29.
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    Gp2x,gp32,psp,ds,xbox,dreamcast,linux Pc

    Particularly in light of BOR being available on the PSP, and the latest emulation on the DS, but particularly becuase the homebrew/emulation has such portability. I've always looked at the GP2X in terms of price, becuase of the limited number of ports available. Its always the same programs...
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    Eternal Lands

    Everything about this game made me think I would hate it. That and I though Its just too pretty to work with my Intel Extreme 2(Comically titled onboard graphics), but its really good(I use the term tentetively becuase I can't stop playing it,yet I don't get exited quite the same as I would a...
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    I've seen several iTunes clones starting to appear. I just wonder how these will/could affect a device like the GP2X. Will for example turn the GP2X times into a more functional iPod/iVideo clone Personaly I'm exited if it gives me better access to Mash-ups, or can get rid of XMMS once and for...
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    rm -r /lib there is not enough smilies that correctly expresses how I feel right now
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    Tonight On The Linux Link Tech Show, Episode 119 Wednesday night at 8:30 PM, EDT
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    X-men: The Ravages Of Apocalypse I know its just a quake TC but there were not many commercial ones. I knew Abyss of Pandemonium( was free but colour me surprised. Now I just have to spend hours choosing which version to run
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    Random Ponderings

    Couple of things I'm not really sure of which is best NTSC vs PAL emulated games, higher framerate vs higher resolution. Esp when full frameskip is not possible. Whats really better ext2 vs fat32 for filesystem from a find the file/read it/storage space/lifetime of card perspective? If...
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    Inproving The Gp2x.

    I was surprised by the Edge review, but really I shouldn't have been. I didn't agree with it, but as negative reviews go it raised some issues with me. I know I've fallen in love with the device, but it was like it was made for me. 1) Whats Laughable called Linux frontend. Its not that bad, its...
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    Ariel Little Mermaid

    I'm aware which part is better being fishified, and whether she would be better as part fish at all. I mean she's not bad n all but she is a ginger, and carries a lobster in her pocket, and that salty water must play hell with the skin, so close up I'm not expecting it to be too pretty.
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    Gamepark Holdings And Linux

    I want Gamepark Holdings source code. I want to get it with no fuss. I don't want to make a big deal. I don't want wild accusations, and finger pointing, threats. Blame, Speculation, and I want it now. 1) Is anybody doing anything currently? 2) What can I do?