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    Dingoo Total Newbie

    Seems the best place for me to ask some similar questions. I'm looking at buying a Dingoo for a nephew with very little computer experience. It'll be pretty much solely used for NES/SNES emulation. Are the built in NES/SNES up to much or is it easy to replace them without changing things like...
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    I Just Got My Gp2x!!!

    Just bought a second hand F200 with a 2gb card for €100. Pretty chuffed all in all. I might have to retire my old GP32 or maybe put it out to stud. See if I can breed it with a GBA Micro maybe. Wow this place has grown since I was last here, nearly 15,000 members. Think there was only 2,000 or...
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    Wow, that's a blast from the past. I loved that game on the Amiga and spent many hours tracking down mamoths and conquering the frozen wastes. Didn't even know it came out for the ST.
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    Genesis Emulation Reached Its Peak?

    Personally, I don't think it needs to go any faster and if it has reached its speed peak, that's fine by me. The games that are playable on FGen are perfectly playable and the only thing missing is sound and more compatability, speed isn't an issue for me at least, anymore.
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    The Real Survey!

    25 4-5 RPG OS9x 1996-2000 50+ 1≤x<2 2≤x<3 6+ work
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    Fgen32 Public Beta @ Http://

    Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga. Getting back on topic. Pirates! Gold works. It works! I can play it sitting on the toilet. I can play it sitting on the bus, I can play the best game ever made on a ****ing airplane. I have to go make a donation to Ryleh.
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    Fgen32 Public Beta @ Http://

    Anyone tried Pirates! Gold yet? If that works, I may have to pledge my first born.
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    Retrogamer Magazine Giving Away A Gp32 Flu

    No, it's more of a tribute to the brilliant Welsh band The Super Furry Animals, but you'd be surprised how often I'm asked that.
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    Retrogamer Magazine Giving Away A Gp32 Flu

    That should have been .net. My bad.
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    Retrogamer Magazine Giving Away A Gp32 Flu

    There's a competition for a GP32 in the latest edition (issue four) of the rather brilliant Retrogamer magazine, who have always been very supportive and complementary of the GP32. You can also enter online at
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    Mashmods Neo Geo Pocket Colour Mod

    Anyone get it done or buy a pre-modded one from them? I'm really tempted to just buy a pre-modded console, but are they as good as they look on the site? Cheers.
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    Zodiac Doom

    Megadrive vs SNES? Psh, the real fights were between the C64 and the Spectrum and then later, WWII - the almight Amiga and the cowardly snivelling Atari ST. :D
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    Write Protection

    Take it off - it's what's causing the write protection. It's kinda like punching the tabs out of a videotape - it prevents the card being written over once it's on.
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    Write Protection

    Do you have a silver circular sticker on the SMC?
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    If you mean an N64 emulator, then sadly there is no way in a million years it would be possible.
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    Words Cannot Express My Joy And Thanks!!

    I'm still too frightened. :ph34r:
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    Best Fighting Games

    The original arcade Golden Axe is still my favourite, but Beats of Rage is a close (very close) second.
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    Sounds great, sadly I can't try it until I get home Wednesday. Couple of questions though - does it support any kind of saving and has anyone tried Pirates Gold? I can't think of anything better than having a portable version of that.
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    Sega Saturn

    Ignoring the obvious huge CD storage size, it would be impossible to emulate the Saturn's awkward dual processor architecture on the GP32.
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    Genesis Games

    Sweet Jesus, just imagine - portable Pirates! Gold. Thank you.