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    Gp32flu W/2 128m Smcs 4 Games And Gpcinema $315!!!

    I'm selling a GP32 FLU with two 128MB SMC's, 4 Games (Kimchi Man, Tomak: Save the world Again, Pinball Dreams and Little Wizard) and GP Cinema. The GP32 can overclock flawlessly to 166MHz. All for the low price of $275(before 315$) And i will ship anywhere in the world. I will also throw in...
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    Need The Double Divx.....quick

    i need the double divx thingy.... can somebody please link me to it?
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    Damn Joystick

    whenever i press down on my joystick, it wont respond..... this is driving me crazy........ please reply.
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    Firmware Idea?

    i made a flashy of a firmware... would it be possible to get this made on gp32?
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    New Fw

    Whats the diff.... exept for the new progress bar :)
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    Recommend Me Amv's!!!

    topic. go crazy
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    More Nintendo Dual Screen News!!!

    I got this from their newsletter.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! POST # 500!
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    UGG LEE!

    Please take back the poster name in the top forum list on the main page... it looks too ####### empty.
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    flash to avi

    Since there's no Flash player out there, the next best thing might be a flash to avi converter.... can somebody hook me up with a good one?
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    Mileages at JoyGP

    I've just charged some mileages with PayPal but they didn't show up on JoyGP... help..?
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    HL Doom.

    How do you get it working. Mine just hangs.
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    OpenSNES9x Unstable?

    When i play a game in the new SNES emu, after 30 secs of gameplay with or without sound, it simply hangs. help?
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    What operating system do you use

    was just wondering....
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    Lets cut the crap. Who would like to see a trogdor remake for the GP32? If somebody wants to code it, i'm maybe gonna rip the sprites. Oh, anybody that doesnt know the trogdor game go here.
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    PS2 Startup sound

    Does somebody have the PS2 startup sound? I would like this.
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    Suggestions for multiFW 3

    There should be embedded password support so my lil brother cant break into my gp. Like a litle sequence like: up down A A B down etc. Of course you could choose your own PW or have no PW.
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    .GBA to .BIN Converter

    I was wondering if there was a .gba to .bin converter for use with sh!tegba.
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    CV has updated Aj0's MikMod player with improvements such as subdirectory support, pitch control and previous/next song changer! Go here
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    !HELP! Encrypted Games !HELP!

    When i got my new GP32 FLU, i want to have my old commercial games (encrypted to my old GP32) on it. is this possible?
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    GP Cinema problems

    when i start gpcinema and watch a movie the sound skips every second or so. Is it because i overclock? Can this be fixed?