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    Pandora Problem With Pnd Creation

    Yes, it's executable. It says:
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    Pandora Problem With Pnd Creation

    I have a problem with creating a PND. I packaged TV Browser into a PND file some days ago. The PND worked fine on my pandora, but only on my pandora. Because I was not able to figure out why it woks only on my pandora, I flashed my pandora and tried it again. Now, it doesn´t work on my pandora...
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    Dink Smallwood

    Very cool! I would love to play Dink Smallwood on my Pandora. I just started to play FreeDink one week ago.
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    Beta Appstore

    If you are still looking for testers, I would like to help. I have some experience in web application developing.
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    Questions For The Dev Team

    What if we make a Digg like system? People can post new questions and vote for questions. Questions with most votes should be answered by the Devs. There is a nice system called Pligg. It would me take 20 Minutes to install it on my webspace.
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    Fenix Games Repack

    Yesterday I prepared some Fenix games written for the GP32 to run on the GP2X. I uploaded them to the archive. If you replace the gp2x runtime with the Wiz runtime the games should run on the Wiz.
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    How To Make Fenix Binaries?

    Thanks for your help! How can I make a dcb file under Linux? Unfortuanatly ther is no Fenix IDE for Linux, which would do this for me.
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    How To Make Fenix Binaries?

    I am absolutely new to Fenix. I downloaded the source code of some fenix games and compiled them in the console by typing "fenix game.prg". It works fine, but how can I make Fenix binaries? To play the games on the GP2X I need these .dcb files. How do I make them?
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    Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

    I started a similar Projekt some month ago, but discontinued because the specification was really unclear to me. On the new Wiki site I read something about a XML schema. Where can I find that schema?
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    Wallpapers And Other Graphics Wanted!

    I hope you like green
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    Pandora Pandora Pong

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    Dingoo In Thailand?

    I couldn´t find a Dingoo in China although it is produced by an chinese company. I think they only sell it via internet.
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    Google Wave Invites

    Post deleted. Wanted to send a PM :)
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    Where To Buy In China?

    You shoud better buy your Dingoo from DealExtreme. I looked for the Dingoo in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi´an but I couldn´t find it. I think they produce it only for export.
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    A bit too expensive:
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    Space Rts Naming Competition
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    Openggs - A Free Software/open Source Remake Of "the Great Giana

    Yeah, a second Giana remake for the Pandora.
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    Emulation Vs Homebrew

    I prefer innovative homebrew like Lerp. Emulation is nice, but I don´t want always play the same old stuff.
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    Original 3d Games For The Pandora?

    A Pandora version of Caster is in development.
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    *legal* Emulation Resources

    3D Realm released some of their old DOS games as freeware: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> edit: Forum update broke my link. Try this...