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    For Sale: Nintendo Ds Supercard And Superpass Key

    Am selling a Supercard and Superpass key for Nintendo DS which allows you to play homebrew etc. Contact me with any offers.
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    Retro Gamer Issue 24

    Hi all, I am a member of the forums but thought you would be interested in a magazine article on the GP32 which I wrote. Retro Gamer Issue 24 (out now in UK and available on import although it takes a while) has a four page article on the emulation scene and homebrew games worth visiting. Also...
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    Fa Astonisha Story R Boxed Complete

    I am selling the boxed retail version of Astonisha Story R on original GP32. Comes with everything and in good condition.
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    Paradise Heights

    There is an english version of the demo, I have it on my GP32. It was downloadable from his website at the time but it doesn't seem to be there any more.
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    Quiz Games With Vns

    There's Pigeon In the Big City which is actually quite amusing despite being entered into the crap games compo: There's also another one I did which was rubbish but you can download from the archive called Wild About Animals- miniature encyclopedia...
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    Quiz Games With Vns

    I was behind the VNS quiz on LucasArts games in the compo and I am glad at least a few people have given feedback. Basically I was wondering if anyone would be interested in future quiz games and what would you like to see? How could the current quiz be improved aside from more questions and...
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    Official Nintendo Magazine

    Actually my GP32 fits in the NOM case just fine. Not any room for smcs though just the console.
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    Vns Game For The Gbax ?

    Yeah, I emailed him asking this and he said VNS novels, games etc are fine :)
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    Gp32 Cd

    I don't really count in the scheme of things but you are welcome to put my VNS file on there if you want it. (Wild About Animals)
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    Wild About Animals

    I am glad people seem to like it :) It was my very first release and is a little different. If there is any interest in this type of VNS on different topics I might consider doing some :) I am adapting a choose your own spiderman adventure at the moment but it's huge so that will take quite...
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    Fenix Games Collection

    I get the same error usually error number runtime 12. About 3 of the fenix games work
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    Help With Vns- Can't Get My Creation To Work

    Yes I have the folder also and it doesn't work. I am thinking there must be some sort of error with the intro bit seeing how I can't even get the title.bmp to appear so I'm going to replace that. Other than that I am pretty much stuck :(
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    Help With Vns- Can't Get My Creation To Work

    I have written and got all the images together for my VNS file. But when I run the file in VNS, I get an error message for the first title.bmp. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? All images are 16 bit BMP and the right size, in a zip file and I have the vns file on the gp32 separately like...
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    Is There Anybody Still Working On A Vns Game?

    That's great, I loved the demo :) I have been creating a small VNS and have finished it but when I try and run it on my GP32 I get an error message for the title.bmp. I used your japan.vns as a template for the beginning bit and all my images are the right size and I can't visibly see anything...
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    Can't Get The Phandy Emu To Work

    I have the very latest version of Phandy but can't get it to load any roms. I have put them in the correct directory but I don't get very far. Any ideas?
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    New Additions To The Site

    He's referring to reviews of the games not the games themselves like PDRoms
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    16 Days Later Competition

    Actually I did :) The minute I get the win screen, my GP32 reboots so it's not as if I can do anything. I have downloaded the new version though so I'll try that and see if that helps :)
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    16 Days Later Competition

    Didn't realise that, I'll will go and give it a try :)
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    16 Days Later Competition

    Just going to add my own mini reviews: GP Max- Really liked this. Big fan of DDR so this gets played a lot. Not keen on the backgrounds and the arrows can be off but still great fun. Some tunes are great, others annoying and some can go on a bit too long. Memory-This is actually one of my most...
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    Amstrad Cpc

    I would say Impossible Mission, Bubble Bobble, Hover Bovver, Speedball 2, Uridium and Paradroid, Paperboy were pretty essential to try out on C64. Oh and my personal faves Up and Down and Drelbs (although the only one who seems to care about those!)