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    Worst Joke Of A System Ever

    I'm having an arguement on another forum and wanted to see what you guys thought. Atari Fanbois seem to be worse than Nintendo fanbois :blink:
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    Weird Smc

    In the 2 years of owning a GP32, nlu and now a flu unit, i've never had this problem and i don't know what is causing it. I got 2 more 128 mb SMC, one for BOR and the other i'm not sure what i'm going to do with. I put the new SMC in my card reader and setup the directory structure. I put...
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    Next Gen Survey In Japan I'm not really suprised about the XboX, but was really suprised at the lack of enthusiasm for the Revolution, especially in Japan.
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    This game looks pretty damn cool for the DS, has anybody pre ordered it?
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    My New Gameroom

    Just finished up my game room, got a new love seat and check it out. I'm planning on putting a shelf above the TV, i still need a place for my Jaguar and my binders i've put together with my collection of old manuals, advertising posters, catalogs, etc. On the left bookshelf is Top Row...
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    Good Move For Microsoft? If this does end up being true. This has been tried a couple times. Panasonic 3do was also made by Goldstar, it was a cheaper unit, but the same hardware, and the CD-I was made by Magnavox and Phillips. I don't know if this would be...
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    Gp32 Commercial Support

    A couple months ago maybe, Craig had posted in another topic, which i can't find now, that the GP32 was getting some suprise commercial support. Has anything else been mentioned regarding this or did it fall through like everything else that happens commercially with the GP32. EDIT: Found...
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    Out Of This World

    I hated this game on the SNES and i'm hating it on the Gamepark, why the hell can't i get past the 4th fricking screen, it so frustratingly hard. Does anybody have any level codes to get me past the first level?
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    N-gage Stuff

    i'm getting an N-Gage, primarily for phone and mp3, but i've been trying to search for sites on the status of N-gage emulation and found a bunch but nothing really saying how good the emulators are, if they're full speed w/sound or what. Anybody know any good N-Gage sites for stuff like that or...
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    Medal Of Honor Gp32

    does anybody know if this project is dead or still being worked on? I haven't seen any updates or anything on this in a long time.
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    Star Wars Pak

    On the mod thread there is Star Wars listed as a bor pak, i have googled it using beats of rage star wars and star wars beats of rage and cannot find it, does this pak actually exist? and if so where can it be found, its also not in the GP32 file archive.
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    N-gage And E3 best in show? the n-gage? is there a difference between portable and mobile games? I was rummaging the net to see if the n-gage was dead yet and i found this on the official site and thought it was interesting. Also say that...
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    Sega To Release Next Gen Hardware The system will be called the Candoon and will be able to download stuff via broadband connections. :P :P :P :P
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    Portable Gaming Website

    i got a rough start on my new hobby site, but before i got to deep into it, i wanted to see what you guys thought of it
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    Emulator Idea

    I wanted to start this because of an experience I had at the flea market on Sunday. I was waiting on some customers and i was in the middle of a game on OSnes9x and i had to pause it, by the time i came back my batteries were dead. Here's the idea. Is there a way to mod an emu, or make an...
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    Psp And Natural Light

    I took my GP32 and my PSP to the flea market on Sunday to keep me from being too bored while waiting for people to buy stuff from me. I first pulled out the GP32 and no probs until the batteries died, i then pulled out the PSP and holy shit, it was unplayable. I turned the backlight off and...
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    Old Computers On Gp32

    I was never into the computers that are emulated on the GP32, i love castaway but hated fmsx, but I want to try Pituka and Fzx32 but i know nothing about these systems, can anybody recommend some games?
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    Ps3 Ffvii Tech Demo

    Maybe its my connection, but this demo doesn't look like it's in Game, and doesn't look much better than what the PS2 can already do, but again it is a demo.
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    With the up and coming F-Day and 13 emulators to be released that are supposed to be very good. What would be left for the GP32 emulation wise? If these emulators are as good as expected, i don't think there would be any incentive or reason to code new emulators, i just think that F-Day not...
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    Winner Of E3 Very interesting article and very valid points regarding XboX 360. And towards the bottom of the page, looks like even the experts have lost almost all faith in Nintendo.