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  1. ouzle

    Pyra WLAN external antenna

    I notice that Sparkfun are selling high-gain (8dbi) dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz wifi PCB antennas for only $2. I made a quick risk assessment; then disregarded it and powered up the soldering iron instead. Background The Pyra has two dual band AVX M830520 chip antenna on the right edge of the...
  2. ouzle

    Accelerometer and magnetometer (Bosch BNO055)

    I started playing with the accelerometer and magnetometer today. I've got a text only bubble-level working that could be the basis of a graphical bubble level. We can reset the horizontal (or any base surface) with another script. I'll share the scripts first and then describe how I got the...
  3. ouzle

    SDL 1.2 fullscreen position fix

    The SDL1.2 games I've tried on the Pyra put the game in the wrong place on the screen, usually clipping the game. The fix for the position and scaling looks quick, but does need both SDL1.2 and OpenTyrian to be recompiled.
  4. ouzle

    Turbo button?

    Is there any point adding a retro "turbo button" on the Pyra? I'm thinking of when the governor is set to "On Demand", are there times you'd rather the pyra only run at up-to 1GHz and not on demand to 1.5GHz? I don't think it saves battery for a given task because the task takes longer to run...
  5. ouzle

    Tidied and more descriptive "wwan-status" script

    I wanted to understand how to talk to the Pyra's modem so I started by studying how hns does it in the wwan-status script. I've tidied this up a bit to give more description in its output and reduced the delay a bit so it runs faster. The original script is from the letux kernel tree and is...
  6. ouzle

    BQ24297 Thermistor (NTC) resistors - Hot fault

    @hns @EvilDragon I've tried to measure the thermistor resistors on the BQ24297 battery manager chip on my board. The board was removed with no battery or CPU installed. On my board R710 (TS to GND) reads 18K (with the chip in place) but the schematic says 31k6? This is the resistance from...
  7. ouzle

    Charging fault diagnosis (BQ24297 register dump)

    I've written a register dump code for the BQ24297 power management chip. I wanted to see why the charging fault is flashing and to gain general understanding of the chip. The fault state is reported at the end of the output. Note that there is a similar program for the BQ27421 fuel guage...
  8. ouzle

    Bricking and Un-bricking the Pyra (Shorting VSYS to GND => Blue smoke)

    In case its of help to someone, here's how I let the blue smoke out of my Pyra and put it back in again. The schematics and datasheets being open source means I can write up the experience from the now repaired Pyra. As you may have read, I've been adding heatsinks and cold fingers to my Pyra...
  9. ouzle

    Pyra datasheets

    Does anyone have a directory full of datasheets for the various chips used in the Pyra? I've been reading up on a few things but keep having to search for the datasheets. I expect someone has got all these in one place already though. If not, is it ok if I create a list of datasheet links...
  10. ouzle

    Slugs Be Gone!

    OK, I've enjoyed a few days testing the Pyra now. I like lists so here you go... The following worked perfectly for me without any trouble: - charging when powered off (using an Anker IQ phone charger) ✓ - first boot ✓ - touch calibration (first attempt with one eye closed wasn't as good as...