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  1. norm

    Command Line Gui For Newbies

    There is CLI Companion: No idea how easy it would to get it working on the pandora but the source is available so..... meh
  2. norm


    Great work notaz! :) I'm trying to make a gpe to launch cave story without going through the 'gp2x menu' Here is what I have at the moment: /mnt/sd/emulator/ginge/ginge_prep /mnt/sd/game/gp2x/doukutsu/doukutsu.gpe cd /mnt/sd/gmenu2x exec ./gmenu2x When I launch it says: and then launches...
  3. norm

    Help With Sd Card

    I had a similar issue once with Mac OS, "emtpying" the trash/recycle bin/deleted items fixed it for me. Might be worth a try. If not have you tried reformatting the card?
  4. norm

    Unable To Upgrade Firmware

    After formatting with a Windows machine all went smoothly. How exactly does formatting with Windows and Linux differ? :S Surely FAT32 is FAT32?
  5. norm

    Unable To Upgrade Firmware

    Thanks for the reply, I shall try when I can get access to a Windows machine.
  6. norm

    Unable To Upgrade Firmware

    Got my Caanoo about three hours ago and thought the best thing to do first is to upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.5.0. So I downloaded the 1.5.0 firmware, extracted the contents to the root of my 2GB SD card, inserted it into my caanoo, held down R and powered it on. The GPH logo displays on the screen...
  7. norm

    Noiz2Sa For Caanoo

    Awesome, looking forward to playing when my Caanoo arrives :D
  8. norm

    Installing Linux On A Memory Card

    unetbootin makes it easy
  9. norm

    Help Installing Linux?

    use ubuntu, its a good starting point. instead of messing around with partitions or making a bootable flash drive, you can just install ubuntu on to your windows partition without getting rid of windows. if you pop the ubuntu live cd in to your disk drive while in windows, an autorun should...
  10. norm

    Escape From Minos (gp2x, Pc)

    looks awesome, look forward to playing it. loving the isometric look, very nice
  11. norm

    Which Retro Console..?

    get a nes, so many good games
  12. norm

    Interested In Being A Game Programmer...

    all looks very promising, love the pixel art. keep up the good work. i;ll be keeping a close eye on this project
  13. norm

    New Gp2x With Keyboard? [Fake]

    i always liked that design for the "mk3"
  14. norm

    My Advance Wars Game

    sure hope this isn't dead :(
  15. norm

    Need Help With Japanese!

    watashi wa taiban o tabimas :D
  16. norm

    Iphone (2g) Jailbreak Advise

    I thought that might be the case, is much work being done to port older software to 2.x? I'm using cydia, tried installer but I prefer cydia oh well at least I've got and some of zodttd's work to play with :)
  17. norm

    Iphone (2g) Jailbreak Advise

    I just got an iPhone and jailbroke it after a few hours with quick pwn I have installed some great apps but there doesn't seem to be the variety I had expected could someone point me to some dencent sites explaining how to install more apps compatible with 2.1fw cheers
  18. norm

    Gpfrontier V0.4

    great work. wish I had an f200 to give it a go on :(
  19. norm

    Animated Amiga Tribute By Eric Schwartz

    that's bad logic
  20. norm

    T-mobile G1

    Anyone else excited about the T-Mobile G1?