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  1. kin

    Kin's Graphical Corner

    Well... here I go! My own thread with some graphical work. :lol: I made 2 versions for a poster... it was pretty difficult for me to "imitate" the comodor64 poster. I like the white one better!
  2. kin

    Release Pre-configure/install OS + needed software on SD card.

    Hi! While we are waiting for the shipment of the pandora, I want to know if we can do a headstart with installing and configuring our SD card with OS and needed software. I need a shortlist of what I need to install: - Which version/distribution of OS (Ubuntu?). - Am I limited to a number of...
  3. kin

    Release Mod/midi tracker

    I'm lookin forward for someone to port it. I like the idea making music with the handy keys and nice screen on the pandora.
  4. kin

    EVE-online on pandora

    Since there is a linux version of EVE-online, could it be playable with the lowest or even medium graphics settings?
  5. kin

    Open Source Game Engines

    Hi, I was looking for a game engine that is compatible with the GP2X and OPEN SOURCE. Does anyone got links or suggestions? (tried the search option but it takes ages) I found Game Editor, but that's commerial. I want to create an 2D rpg game with a bit of gta action. Thnx!