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    ARM and GPU extensibility

    I recently found out that there are ARM SoCs that have some PCIe lanes, which surprised me. If that's true, I'm surprised nobody's tried to use this, especially in the hardcore Free Software spaces: For x86 PCs, we have good free GPU drivers for old Nvidia cards, but can't use modern CPUs due to...
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    Imagination Technologies and future daughterboards

    Hey all, I don't know if anyone else here has seen this, but apparently Apple and Imagination Tech are going to go mostly separate ways. While Imagination Technologies might still wind up with some income from Apple, everyone seems to think this is a big blow for them. I know the current OMAP5...
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    Pyra Exclusives and paid games

    This is mostly just an idle fantasy, but I've started work on a number of games over the years, and sometimes fantasize about finishing one as an indie exclusive/priority release to support some platform I'm fond of. I'm wondering, what would you think of someone went and did it. Would you pay...
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    Qualcomm SoCs and SBCs

    Hey all, I just noticed on the Wikipedia page for the Adreno GPU that Freedreno supports full OpenGL (up to 3.1) on a variety of different Qualcomm SoCs. There are even some commercially available SBC computers from Qualcomm. I'm posting out of ignorance and curiosity - both about how viable...
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    Pyra Electron / NW.js games

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster - does anyone know how Electron's ARM build performs on the OMAP? I'm mostly a JS guy, but I'd love to be able to develop for the Pyra.