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  1. norm

    Unable To Upgrade Firmware

    Got my Caanoo about three hours ago and thought the best thing to do first is to upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.5.0. So I downloaded the 1.5.0 firmware, extracted the contents to the root of my 2GB SD card, inserted it into my caanoo, held down R and powered it on. The GPH logo displays on the screen...
  2. norm

    Iphone (2g) Jailbreak Advise

    I just got an iPhone and jailbroke it after a few hours with quick pwn I have installed some great apps but there doesn't seem to be the variety I had expected could someone point me to some dencent sites explaining how to install more apps compatible with 2.1fw cheers
  3. norm

    T-mobile G1

    Anyone else excited about the T-Mobile G1?
  4. norm

    Can't Autorun

    i have recently re-formatted my 4gb sdhc to fat32 using gparted in ubuntu. this is the first time i have formatted a card for use with my gp2x since my move to linux from osx and it seems i've lost the ability to autorun a program. i just get a black screen with a cursor in the conner (after the...
  5. norm

    Haiku Os

    Has anyone tried haiku? I came across it last night is looks very interesting.
  6. norm

    Coding In Ubuntu

    I want to learn C or C++ (not really sure, suggestions?) but need help setting up a dev environment in Ubuntu 8.04, could someone recommend a setup for a beginner? As simple as possible, but if not I'm sure I'll cope. Also could anyone recommend any decent sites or books for learning the...
  7. norm

    Help: My External Hdd Has Died

    last week i dropped my hd and at the time thought nothing of it as it was only a small fall. but i discovered yesterday that it wasnt working :( is there anyway to fix it? its one of these when i plug it in i can here it spinning and it sound perfectly healthy but no mountingness :( im...
  8. norm

    Rodents Revenge

    i suggested this a while ago but got no real interest from any dev's but i shall try again....... what about a rodents revenge clone? :P video wiki one of my favorites, i do miss it
  9. norm

    Need Help With Psp....

    i have a psp (phat) running fw 3.40 oe-a. which i plan on selling next week to put towards my wii :P my problem is i want to updrade it to the latest official fw, but when i run the update i get "The game cannot be started (DADADADA)" do i need to roll back to fw 1.5 before upgrading? if so...
  10. norm

    Dreamcast Problem

    i received my dreamcast today all was fine it booted utopia and a backup of industrial spy operation espinage. so i turn it off and started to burn nesterDC and sonic adventure went back upstairs to try them out. they are both self boot disc's so i put in sonic and nothing, it just booted the...
  11. norm

    Looking For An Older Openbor Buid

    the latest build of openbor is playing up on my gp2x, anyone know where i can find the previous build?
  12. norm

    Can't Get Game Working On Dosbox

    im trying to get magicboy working using dosbox i've made all the needed files (mapper, config and gpe) but when i run the gpe the screen goes black, i see the a mouse cursor in the conner and then it boots back into gmenu. any ideas?
  13. norm

    Problem Booting Drmd Form Gmenu

    whenever i boot DrMD from gmenu it says "patching mmu please wait". but it boots fine from the standard menu anyone encountered this problem? anyway to fix it? its a real pain in the ass having to exit gmenu to use it
  14. norm

    Using Fenix With Osx Help

    im want to start coding for the 2x using fenix on osx i've downloaded the osx binary's but i dont really now how to use them. in the windows package in the archive there is some image and font software is there an osx version or equivalent? also what do i use to actually code in? just a text...
  15. norm

    Command Line Gamepad App?

    would it be possible for someone to make a application that runs in the background and enable usb gamepad support to those apps that dont support them currently?
  16. norm

    Pokemon/mario Kart Friend Codes

    anyone up for some mario kart ds? or trading and battling on diamond and pearl? pm me your friend code :)
  17. norm


    a message mainly to alex. but to see what other people think also what about having a warcraft/c&c clone on the 2x in Sqdef style? - would be a nice addition i think and something that could provide hours and hours of game play opinions?
  18. norm

    Psp Battery Mod?

    how hard would it be to mod a 2x to run off a 3.7V 3600mAh psp battery? as i have some spare time at the moment so thought i'd do a d-pad and battery mod and maybe a paint job once i buy a second hand 2x (if your selling pm me) also does anyone no where i can find a gp2x circuit diagram...
  19. norm

    Wanted: Gp2x Mk2

    im after another 2x preferably a mk2 for a little moding :) , not bothered if its bricked as long as it still powers on. no damage to the screen (scratches, cracks etc) or the hardware (except the joystick as i will be replacing it). scratches on the casing are not really a problem (depends on...
  20. norm

    How Do You Make Autorun's

    how do you make an autorun.gpu i would like it to run two app's gp2xmb and gp2xsleep with the one .gpu how do i do this i use a mac if that makes a difference cheers