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  1. NoeleyC

    Wally's Testing Thread

    I reckon he might mean ensuring that the DBP data remains pretty much self contained and isn't writing data to unexpected locations on the Pyra? (eg SD card versus internal storage)
  2. NoeleyC

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    I'll try it later, I had tried the original test DBP, so I wonder will I have better success with this one. Will run the updates as detailed above and report back :)
  3. NoeleyC

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Today's update, installed a few emulators from the online repo (not the Pyra specific one). The first was ScummVM, it's not the latest build but it runs really well. Plays nicely with fullscreen. I didn't have files for Blade Runner or Grim Fandango ready so I don't know if it's up-to-date...
  4. NoeleyC

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    Having received my Pyra unit a few days ago, I'm just going to pen a few words on my opinion of it so far. I am not a Linux expert. I do indeed own 2 Pandora's (one 1Ghz model and one original model upgraded to 1Ghz as it had a better screen and nubs). I will admit I've not used them in quite...
  5. NoeleyC

    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    Lighting not great in the photo, but this is indeed no. 32!
  6. NoeleyC

    Release [Alpha] UAE4ARM

    Welcome to one of the classic bugs that have been in this software for many versions. You will find the same issue using a USB mouse. I always wondered was it something to do with emulated screen size versus actual Pandora screen size? No one has figured out the solution to this one yet...
  7. NoeleyC

    Release [Alpha] UAE4ARM

    I updated my PND before the weekend to the v1.02 version through PND manager without issues, everything looked complete to me?
  8. NoeleyC

    Release [Alpha] UAE4ARM

    Thanks TomB, I was holding back on updating until you got things sorted, I knew it wouldn't take long!
  9. NoeleyC

    The Sega dreamcast.

    I think I remember reading somewhere that the Dreamcast port of that game was done by one programmer just as a personal project, maybe they wouldn't want a commercial version in case any bugs or issues might be held against any other version?
  10. NoeleyC

    Get ready to rumble!

    Hope you don't we're giving you cash instead of proper presents? (joking!)
  11. NoeleyC

    Get ready to rumble!

    Quick question for Evil Dragon, did the time the pre pre orders start relate directly to the exact time he was born?
  12. NoeleyC

    Get ready to rumble!

    I didn't pay attention to the number left when I ordered earlier, but it must have been low enough, didn't get any error messages going through the process thankfully! Oh and happy birthday ED!
  13. NoeleyC

    Get ready to rumble!

    Well my order is in, so now we bging the next phase of the waiting game, I hope my money will help get production up and running a bit faster!!
  14. NoeleyC

    Two preorders approaching!

    I didn't take the fact we follow daylights savings time in Ireland when working out utc....!
  15. NoeleyC

    Release [Repo] UAE4ARM

    If you have access to the proper roms and workbench disks it's pretty easy to set up a hdf file, just download one of the Classic WB archives to get you started. Oh and as ever, thanks again TomB for your continued work on this emulator!!
  16. NoeleyC

    Release REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    Does it play well?
  17. NoeleyC

    Release REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    I thought I had added a reply to this earlier, but it must not have posted for some unknown reason! Anyway, all I was going to add was that I read that indie retro platformer Volgarr the Viking has been seemingly unexpectedly released as freeware for the Dreamcast. I was wondering had anyone...
  18. NoeleyC

    GPD XD

    I think it'd make a decent addition to your store, I'm sure you'd sell a good amount of them!
  19. NoeleyC

    Pyra OS Name

    ok my spelling was a little off!! :rolleyes: