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    Project Ninja

    OK, I tried reading all of these pages, but I skipped about 10 or so cuz I was getting a headache from it all. Anyways. I don't know how difficult it would be, but as far as the touch screen thing goes, why not just make two different models. You have this 'ninja' basic model and a 'ninja'-ts...
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    New Genesis / Megadrive Game To Be Released!!

    Well, I think I will buy it just because it will be a brand new Genesis game that I will actually have money of my own to buy. Hell, I'm enough of a collector to warrant buying a brand new Gen cart for (almost) whateve retail price they decide on. I doubt it'll be anything extreme. And hell, I...
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    Does Anybody Still Sell Glass Screens?

    I was just curious is anybody still made/sold the glass screens for GP32s especially since mashmods is gone now.
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    Isn't it kind of funny that 'trojans' are two totally different different things when it comes to the idea of 'protection'?
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    Free Retro Games .. Save From The Garbage!

    Those aren't genesis games for one thing, they're master system games. Anyways, I'm in Wisconsin, in the US. The only thing that would suck is getting the package past customs or whatever, otherwise I'd be glad to get take those games off your hands.
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    Free Retro Games .. Save From The Garbage!

    hmmm... tempting.... I'm a big fan of SMS, especially thunderblade. I may have to take you up on that. Are you in the US?
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    Gba Sp Vs Ds

    I've played my GBA games on my DS and have hardly noticed any difference in the screen while playing. It's just kind of akward playing the GBA games on it. Otherwise it looks fine and I'm happy to be playing GBA games on the DS. P.S. I don't think the DS is backwards compatible all the way back...
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    Show Youre Ds!!

    OK, first, the whole single player thing, that's in the TRAINING mode. I just got my DS today from a guy who wanted to show off the DS's wireless communication. We did a pictochat demonstration and a Metroid multiplayer demonstration in class. Yeah, it's cool being able to play a game...
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    Do You Guys Belive Time Travel Is Possible.

    If what you call 'time travel' was possible, most likely you'd actually just be traveling to another dimension that resembles he past or future. What's messed up, is that you could only affect the timeline of that dimension, then see the results, which would be how your world would've been had...
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    In The Usa Today Who Are You Voting For

    Yeah, those damn redneck really fucked it all up for the US. And you call Americans ignorant.
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    Tekken 5 Xiaoyu's Plot?

    Let's see, a decent fighting engine for one? The fighting in the game was so cheesy. Whatever fighting engines they used in Tekken 4 and SC 2 were just horrid. A lot of combos just didnt fit right in SC2. And Tekken 4 fights were usually rather quick. It also lacked a large enough collection of...
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    Tekken 5 Xiaoyu's Plot?

    Actually, Rico, I believe some of the game's play was tweaked from 3 to Tag, i.e. Eddy Gordo wasn't such an easy to play and win the game character. Anyways, it's confusing to me. It seems like Xiayou hates Heihachi yet she wants to save his ass? OK... Anyways, if anything Heihachi will be...
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    Best Torrent Sites?

    Some Euro babez are just works of art, you know?
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    Best Torrent Sites?

    I know plenty of bittorrent sites. for one and for your Playstation needs. There. EDIT: WARNING has an indecent pop-up. BEWARE
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    Screw Doom 3 I Want To Play This!

    You want to play URL errors.?
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    Quake And Doom For Dreamcast

    I've played the Doom for DC, it's pretty damn good. A lot like playing it on the GP32, really.
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    Anyone Seen This B4?

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    I Want To Buy A Ps2 Driving Wheel

    I've recently gotten into a lot more driving games for PS2 (such as Initial D), and I'm trying to figure out what brand driving wheel to go with. Does anybody have any suggestions for what brand would be good to get? Reasonable price to be paying?
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    I have the ripped DCGenEmu with lemec loader (what Twinkfy is talking about), but I've only gotten it to work in a way that requires a boot disk. But I also have some 900 ROMs for it spread over 2 discs. So using the Lemec loader really helps out and is worth using a boot disk for it. And I...
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    Bill Gates Wants To Buy Nintendo

    I think comparing Nintendo and Atari is little wrong considering they started out in different eras and in different markets (US and Japan). And yes, a lot of this blind hate for MS is kind of stupid. And I'd have to say, Windows did launch the PC to it's current stance due to creating an...