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    Props to Zardos Jones for the Genemu!

    Yes, i agree, its a great emulator, but its not near fullspeed. And btw, genesis is automaticly fullscreen, because all genesis games run at 320x240 which is the resolution on gp32.
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    Genemu..... You wanted it?

    I can only agree...awesome work...thanks zardoz!!
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    People who can't/couldn't overclock

    currently i cant get over 133, but i didnt try much things to get it overclocked. So, i have to change batteries and/or firmware, maybe then i can get past 133.
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    Astonisha Story R

    extremegamer, look here: InsertCredit
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    Question about german gp32 owner!

    meins ist als Geschenk angekommen...hat mir "jemand" aus England geschickt ;) Daher auch kein Zoll! B)
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    Expect the new version of snes9xgp soon!

    im looking forward to this version...cant wait!!!
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    Dune 2 RTS port

    you could also wait some more weeks(months?) for a genesis emu... on genesis is a good dune2 version avaible!
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    German GP32 Meet Up

    i would come, if hannover wouldnt be that far away!
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    About the Bloody Cross update

    thats waiting for it! The Background-Graphic looks nice so far!
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    the memory about GP32

    No, this is all right! ;)
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    GP32 Skin Covers?

    hmm, i would buy some gp32 star trek lcars covers :)
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    sold my gba, bought a gp32

    Its some sort of an rpg. And no, its not the genesis emulator. But flack, i would take the $100 anyway :P
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    sold my gba, bought a gp32

    i only want to inform, that i ordered 1 gp32 flu at gbax ;) I hope it arrives soon at my home in germany. by the way, i only bought it at gbax, because of the work craigx did for the community...elsewhere i could get it cheaper. So, great work craigx, thanks for doom! Now im starting to...